U.S. Employee International Medical Insurance for Mexico City

U.S. Employees and contractors who work and live in Mexico City will need long-term International Medical insurance to pay for medical services along with providing access to care while living and working in Mexico.

Individual & Group Travel Insurance:

Employers can offer either an International Group Medical plan or if they only have a few employees, contractors or third country nationals on a long term work assignment, they may choose to place them on international individual and family plans.


The coverage, benefits and access to care is all similar, although the individual plans have a little less administration to get started.  Although there is limited medical underwriting with individual policies, where the Group plans are guarantee-issue regardless of the employees health status.

your HR department may offer these two options; individual or group. Depending on the Intentional Medical Insurance company providing the policy, you may enjoy more comprehensive coverage than your domestic health insurance plan, along with a much lower premium.

Your International policy can provide worldwide coverage excluding the U.S., or you can choose to include U.S. coverage and have access to all BCBS doctors and hospital in all 50 states.

A popular Employee option …

Has been to choose an International Family medical plan with U.S. coverage.  This replaces your domestic health insurance policy, which provides excellent global coverage including in the U.S. and provides better coverage with lower rates then your Affordable Care Act plan.

Travel Insurance TYPES:

  • Individual – Individuals & Family – Long & Short-Term plans.
  • Group – 2 or more global employees, independent contractors, Third Country Nationals.
  • Student – High School, Jr, College, Trade School and University – Students & Faculty.


  • Inpatient, Outpatient, Prescriptions and much more.
  • Access to the world’s largest health network – with more than 1 million doctors and hospitals across the globe.
  • Fully compliant plans.  We are experts in helping choose or design globally compliant solutions that are cost-effective and comprehensive.
  • 24/7/365 access to our Service Center and in-house team of international doctors and nurses.
  • CignaEnvoy.com.  This innovative website is loaded with features that help you manage your benefits and help your globally mobile employees get the answers and care they need.
  • The option to speak with a counselor about mental, emotional and general life issues through the international Employee Assistance Program.  Help is available anytime.
  • Quick claims payments.  More than 90% of clean customer claims are paid in 10 days or less regardless of language or currency.
  • A success rate of nearly 100% in establishing guarantees of payment on behalf of customers to doctors and hospitals around the world.
  • Additional “above and beyond” services that include remote second opinions from the Cleveland Clinic, international pharmacy fulfillment, and much more.

No matter what you choose, your globally mobile employees will be covered virtually wherever they go.  Even if they get relocated.  And to make the return home less stressful – for you and them – they’ll have a period of time where their Cigna Global plan covers them at home.

The international medical company you choose may provide direct pay, which means, they have a global network of doctors and hospitals, and will pay they direct so you don’t have to.  If you choose a doctor or hospital not contracted, the company will do their best to still pay the providers direct, to save you the hassle of waiting for reimbursement from your employer.

Many international companies do not provide “direct pay,” but a select few will offer this terrific benefit.

The Mobile App for U.S. Employees:

Make sure your international company provides this!

With the mobile app … world travelers have convenient access to so many handy features while abroad.

  • Search providers for medical, dental, or mental health care and map them using GPS technology.
  • Arrange direct pay for future appointments to secure cashless access to care.
  • Access Guarantees of Payment to view and share with others including doctors and hospitals.
  • File a claim either by entering information in the app or by sending a photo of a completed form.
  • Find a medication’s availability, generic name, and local brand name.
  • Translate medical terms and phrases for many symptoms and situations; use the audio feature to play the translation.
  • Display an ID Card on a smart phone and fax a copy directly to provider’s office.

The Mobile App is a must when traveling through out Mexico.

Group or Individual … International Medical insurance comes in many forms. Make sure you are properly covered and protected for what your unique needs.


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Medicare Options along with Individual and Group International Medical Insurance Options.