UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Rates in Tampa Florida

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Plans F, G and N all provide some of the best rates in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater metro area.

You can see the Florida rates here

UnitedHealthcare also has a very lenient medical underwriting review.  Most people who enroll in a Medicare Supplement policy will do so during an open enrollment or guaranteed issue situation.

If you are currently not in an open enrollment, give UnitedHealthcare a look anyways, because they only ask a few questions regarding your current health status.

  • Plan F provides 100% coverage (no copays, deductibles or percentages).
  • Plan G has a small $183 annual deductible.
  • Plan N has the $183 deductible along with a $20 office copay.

Don’t forget the Rx coverage.  Medicare Supplement policies do not include the medicare Part D Rx plan coverage.  Most counties have at least 25 different plans to choose from, and it’s important to match up the best plan and company with your medication list.

There is a massive difference between the different plans and you will want to compare all of the twenty five plans before you choose.  If you would like help with the comparison, please let me know, I’ll be happy to run the comparison for you.

This will give you a better understanding of how the Medicare Part D Rx plans work .. click here.

Other Company Plans

If you would like to compare other company medicare supplement rates, you can do that here.  Medicare Supplement Rates

January 1, 2020

After December 31, 2019, you will no longer be able to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan F.  These plans are going away for new enrollments.  If a person has a Plan F at that time, they can keep the policy, but for someone looking for a new plan F at that time, they will be locked out.

From January 1, 2020 moving forward, the most comprehensive plan will be Plan G with it’s $183 deductible.

Enroll Today

Enroll in a UnitedHeathcare Medicare Supplement Plan F, G or N and enjoy competitive prices, excellent medical coverage along with access to any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare across the U.S.  Medicare Supplement policies are second to none.

Call or email anytime with questions, I’m here to help.

John Conner

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