Under Age 65 Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

States with under-age 65 Medicare Supplement plans:

California, Colorado, Connecticut (plan A only), Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland (plans A & C), Massachusetts, Michigan (plan A & C only), Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma (plan A only), Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas (plan A only), Vermont, Wisconsin.

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Medigap Rates …

Very Important:  If you have been on Medicare for less than 6 months, you are still in the “Initial Enrollment Period,” which allows you to enroll in a Medicare Supplement … guaranteed.  As long as you are in a State which offers them to under age 65 members.  If you have been on Medicare A & B or longer than 6 months, you need to see if you qualify for any other “Guaranteed-Issue” period.  If not, you will most likely not be eligible for a new Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy.

Do you qualify for “guarantee issue” with your Medicare Supplement enrollment?  If you are under age 65 and disabled, you may be eligible for a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy of your choice.  Medicare Supplement policies are purchased when an individual becomes eligible for Medicare Parts A and B.

Initial Open Enrollment Period … Once your Medicare “B” coverage starts, you have an Initial Open Enrollment period of six months, this is a “guaranteed-Issue” period where you have a guaranteed enrollment regardless of your current or previous health status.

You can purchase any Medicare Supplement policy from any company offering under age 65 Medigap plans in your state.  Also, be aware you have 3 months to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan, once your Medicare Part B starts.

Please read the guarantee issue guidelines.  If you are within one of these situations, and live in a state which allows under age 65 Medicare Supplement plans, you can enroll.  If not, it may be very difficult to be approved for a Medigap policy.

Under-Age 65 with ESRD … If you are under age 65 and are now on Medicare because of ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease), many states will allow you to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, although Medicare Advantage companies will not.

If you have an employer health insurance plan or currently on a Medicare Advantage plan you may have opportunities for continued Medicare Advantage coverage.  Under-age 65 with Medicare and ESRD may work differently than a person 65 or over with Medicare and ESRD, depending on your state of residence.  Contact me and we can see what is available to you.

Disability … When Does Medicare Start?  People who can establish that they suffer from long-term disabilities that prevent them from working can qualify for monthly Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) payments and Medicare.  Individuals who file for social security disability benefits and are approved will be eligible at some point to receive medicare benefits, usually after 24 months.  Individuals who are approved for SSI disability will initially receive Medicaid.

2 Years … To receive Medicare benefits you will have to wait two years after the first date that you are entitled to receive a Social Security disability benefit.  Unless you have insurance currently, this means you may be without health insurance coverage for up to two years.  If you do have health insurance, do NOT cancel it when you first learn that you have been approved for Social Security disability, until you know when your Medicare coverage will begin.

Medicare Part B Effective Date … If you currently have an employer group health plan or union plan you do not have to enroll in Medicare’s Part B plan.  When you know the plan will end you can call the Social Security office near you (800-772-1213) and tell them you are ready to start your Part B coverage.  They can send you the appropriate paperwork to get you started.

Open Enrollment Rights for Disabled Persons … Disabled beneficiaries who are covered by Medicare before age 65 can use the Open Enrollment period again after attaining age 65 to apply for a new Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy with the same or a different insurer.

The benefits of reapplying after attaining age 65 may include: 1) getting better rates for the same policy from the beneficiary’s current insurer; 2) switching to an insurer not available to the beneficiary when he/she was under age 65; and 3) upgrading benefits while getting the “best rate” offered to all individuals over 65.

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  1. Hi Carl, I understand your concerns. Call me tomorrow if you can so we can discuss your options.

    Thanks .. John Conner – 916-682-1117

  2. Hello, I am in MD and have recently been accepted for medicare after my initial 2yr wait period for disability due to a stroke. I am only 55years old and need a supplemental policy to pick up what part a & doesn’t pay. After 5 hours on the phone and online and instructing a provider what I needed, I purchased a policy through university of md. I was instructed after I tried to use it that it was a medicare replacement policy?? I had no idea they even existed and have no idea why someone would want to pay more to get less?? I am in the process of cancelling this policy, however still need a policy to cover the 20%. I do not qualify for Medicaid, as I have paid for long term disability my entire working life, therefore I am above the limit for ANY help. I am trying to decide if I need to pick up part D, as the 3 month period is upon me or just a supplemental plan and what company would best fit. What would you recommend? Please point me in the proper direction.

  3. Hi Tom, you are currently on what is called a “Standardized” medicare supplement policy, which are all policies issued before 2010. In 2010 the medicare supplement industry went through some major changes and all new policies are now considered “modernized” medicare supplement’s. So what this all means is you have different rates then the current Modernized plans that you see on my site.

    Hope that helps.

  4. John, I’ve found your website to be an excellent resource for a couple years now and will definitely engage your services in procuring a new policy during my birthday month once Anthem raises my rates too high.

    I can’t figure this out, though: I am a CA resident, under 65, with Anthem Medigap Plan F (the one with no deductible). I’ve been on that plan with Anthem since 2007.

    I live in Anthem’s ‘Area 3’ rating region. My premium is currently $329/month.

    The premium did not go up for 2015, and I just got a letter yesterday saying that my monthly premium is again going to be $329 for the next 12 months beginning March 1, 2016.

    So effectively, my premium has not increased in two years.

    But I noticed in Anthem’s rate schedule that you have here on your site that the premium for Plan F for <65 in 'Area 3' is $426 effective March, 2016.

    What accounts for that discrepancy? Any idea why the premium I am being charged is almost $100 cheaper than the rate Anthem lists in their rate schedule? And, maybe more importantly, why hasn't Anthem raised my rates in two years? Seems… odd.

  5. John your missing another opportunity and that is if you have a “Qualifying Event” like moving to a new state. I’m looking for a plan that covers the best with flexibility. I’m from Ohio a tri-state area. my Hospitals are in Ohio, WV, PA. But to complicate matters more I purchased a home in Florida to live over half of the year. But I need coverage for my all 4 areas. Also I’m underage disabled, with the potential need of a transplant.

  6. Hi Ronald, it’s probably best if you call me so we can discuss both of your situations and options. You can reach me at: 916-682-1117.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  7. I have been disabled since 2008. Since that time my wife has spent countless hours on phone calls and online to try to find supplements for Medicare. (She was disabled in 2002). Nobody at any time told us that we could get a Medigap policy if we applied right after we started receiving Medicare. We could find NO help whatsoever and ultimately had to file bankruptcy in 2013 due to enormous medical bills (our co-pays from Medicare) that we could not pay. My wife now qualifies for Medigap but I am 57 and do not meet the criteria. Is there no way whatsoever that I could qualify? When did the law take effect that allows someone disabled and under 65 years old to obtain Medigap for a reasonable price? We have basically given up and I simply cannot get the care I need because we cannot pay the co-pays. What does somebody do that’s in this situation? I’ll be dead before I each 65 and can get a supplement.

  8. Hi John,
    My sons coverage starts next month, his zip code is TX 75052 and please send us the monthly rates of the different Plan A’s in his area and please advisor for us what my son need to buy for cover 100% medicare. He receive SSDI $1800 monthly.
    Thanks for your help

  9. Hello Van, does your sons Medicare A & B start June 1 2016 or 2015. Either way, he will be able to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan A which covers the 20% which Medicare Part B doesn’t. Texas is a Plan A only state, meaning the only Medicare Supplement plan available to under-age 65 Medicare members is Plan A. Plan F, G, N and the others are not available until he turns 65. If you sons coverage starts next month, let me know what his zip code is and I’ll send you the monthly rates of the different Plan A’s in his area.

    Thanks … John Conner

  10. My son will be eligible for medicare effective June 2016 due to receiving SSDI for 2 years for a permanant disablilty. He is 46 years old and living Texas 75052 now. His current doctors don’t accept any Medicare Advantage planWould you please help him to find medicare supplement plan 20% of the Medicare Part B covered,or any Medicare PPO plans can work pretty well,
    Thanks for your help

  11. I am 41,disabled and live in Florida. My Medicare starts Feb 1. Which companies offer medical under these circumstances?

  12. My husband is 60 yrs old – has been SS disability for a year and just started dialysis. We live in NJ. Will he be able to purchase a Medigap plan ( I think C is the only plan he would be eiligible for) when he is eligible for Medicare coverage next year.

  13. Hi Sandy, Virginia does not offer any “under-age” 65 Medicare Supplement plans. You will need to either look into Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare.gov is a good website to compare), or stay with Original Medicare and enroll in a Part D Rx plan.

    Thanks Sandy.

  14. I an Under Age 65 in Va. I am getting Social Security and disability I Have Part A and B can I Get a secondary Insurance can you give me some names of insurance company I can talk with. Thans

  15. Hi Terry, yes, depending on your state of residence, when you exit an Employer group health plan you will have a “2-month” open enrollment at which time you are able to enroll into any Medicare Supplement of your choice that is available in your state. Let me know if I can help or if you have more questions.

    Thanks .. John

  16. Hi John
    My wife is 63 she has medicare thru a disability she is also covered by my employer bluecross plan. We will be retiring Florida Jan. 1st. Can she buy an under 65 gap policy at that time or has she missed open enrolment even though our existing bluecross is being canceled

  17. Hi Tim, depending on where you live (State & Zip code) will determine if you are eligible for lower rates or a different company to switch to.

    Let me know where you live and I can give you a pretty good idea what your options. are.

    Thanks … John

  18. Howdy Mr Conner,
    I’m 58 and on disability. I was on Cobra before and thought once I got on medicare that my payments would go down. I pay what everyone else does I believe for Plan A and B and probably Plan D. My question is about Plan F. I currently pay $315 a month for it. Will probably keep Plan F but do you know where to get it any cheaper than that?

  19. Hi Judy, why don’t you give me a call, there are a few details I need before I can figure out your options.

    John Conner

  20. Hi John
    When I first was disabled I was told I couldn’t get a medigap supplement until I was 65 Now at age 60 I find I can but not being very computer savvy I’ve been going in circles and am totally confused . What is the easiest way to get straight forward answers and what are my alternatives. I do not want to lose my Drs and go with Hmos or ppos Please help Judy in Calofornia

  21. Are there any Medigap policies in California that will accept a person under 65 who is still disabled and has had a kidney transplant? Are there any that will accept an ESRD patient?

  22. Hello, unfortunately, under age 65 Medicare Supplement policies are not available in Nevada. Not all states provide for folks on SS and under age 65. The only available options are to either move to a state like CA or CO, or keep original Medicare, or choose one of the available Medicare Advantage plan in your County.

    I hope that helps. Thank you .. John Conner

  23. Hi John,
    I have a friend looking for a supplement for his wife who’s 52 and on Medicare disability… we are in NV. Any suggestions? I’m getting conflicting information on the web and not sure where to look. Thank you!

  24. Hi RG, that is correct, Alabama is not an “under-age 65” Medicare Supplement State. Unfortunately at this time you cannot enroll in a Medicare Supplement until your next open-enrollment which is at age 65.

    Thanks RG.

  25. Dear Mr. Conner
    I am 62 years old, been on Social Security Disability since 2001 and Medicare since 2002. I have started looking for a Medicare Supplement Policy (Medigap ) and was told today by Humana that Alabama does not participate in a Medicare Supplement under 65 year old by any insurance company. Can you validate this to be correct? Thank you in advance for your help.

    RG Kilpatrick

  26. My husband has been on disability for 2 years in May from a liver transplant, he just received his notice that he will be on medicare as of 5/14. He buys his own plan now and it $425 a month he was told by blue cross that in may he needs to buy a supplemental insurance policy should he also pay for medicare part b? He is 52 years old and we live in Mi…

  27. Hi PJ, you are looking at approx, $300/mo for a plan C and $15/mo for a plan A. You are right, plan C will cover both deductibles which is nice so you have to do a little calculation which will be a better financial deal through the next few years. Remember the Hospital deductible (A) is a 60 day deductible, not annual like the Part B deductible. If a doctors does not accept medicare or no longer accepts new Medicare patients you will not be able to see that doctor even with a Med Supp.
    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks .. John Conner.

  28. Dear John ~
    Thank you ever so much for your reply. Zip code is 20850. Two other questions: I’ve always bought the “best PPO plan” when employed so I had best, most expansive options. For a Med Supp plan since A&C are my only options. Say from Company X, plan A is $2,023 and plan C is $ $4,744. The big difference in plan C is to cover hosp & part b deductible totaling $1,331/yr, and cost of C is $2,721 higher ~ Would it be a good decision to go with plan A? Question #2 – I’m lost about when a medical provider does not accept Medicare, does that mean even with a Medicare Supp plan I can’t see them anymore or would have to pay entire cost out of pocket?
    Again, thank you more than I can say!!!!!!

  29. Hello, yes Maryland is a Medicare Supplement plan A & C only state for folks under age 65 and on Medicare. Plan C is very comprehensive, the only coverage missing is called Excess Charges coverage. In most cases the excess charges are a few bucks here or there, but you do have to be aware of how it works. Medicare PPO plans can work pretty well, but don’t compare to Med Supps in coverage and access to different doctors and hospitals. What is your zip code and I’ll email you the available Medicare Supplement companies and rates.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  30. Dear Mr. Conner ~
    I am so appreciative of finding you site and that you offer advice to people out of state. I like all the others am so lost despite lots of reading. I am 62 just got Medicare A&B in Oct d/t disability. Live in MD. Was told by a SHIP advisor that “F” plans are best but as I am not 65 can only buy an A or C Medigap plan. Not sure this is true? Also I understand all benefits are the same under each letter plan ~ is it any better to buy a more “known” name such as Aetna or State Farm? Lastly, is you want to see a medical professional who doesn’t participaate in Medicare is ther any way Medigap would pay some as in a PPO? Thanks a million may your goodwill come back to you !

  31. Hi Bob, typically a person on Medicare must qualify medically to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan unless they have a “guarantee – issue” situation, like; new to medicare, coming off of an employer health insurance plan, having your Medicare Advantage cancel or non-renew their plan. Bob, call me anytime, there may be a work-around for your situation.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  32. I live in Rochester, MICHIGAN, 48307. I am 59 and am on SSD. I am trying to find out which plans I qualify for. The last time I tried this, I had to list out my medications and felt that this was why I was rejected. Maybe I was not requesting from the right companies. How do I find out companies under Michigan law that have to offer Medigap coverage?


  33. Sorry about that Susan, AARP plays a few games with their membership rules. The next company in line is: Sterling Plan “F” is $388 per month in TN. Also, American Cont. Plan “N” is $297. If you want to look at a Plan N let me know I can help you with that.

    Thanks again … John

  34. Thanks so much, John. I called AARP yest. Like James in FL, I was told I had to be eligible for AARP membership (age 50) before they could help me. I went into detail about my situation, but that was their final word. What you’re doing here is so wonderful, John. Thanks again for your help and for responding so quickly!

  35. Hi Susan, Medicare Supplement plans are available to you in TN. The rates range from $200 for Plan A to about $350 for plan F. I am currently not licensed in TN although it looks like AARP offers the lowest rates there. I would call them directly, tell them your situation and they will forward you the appropriate enrollment information.

    Call me if you get stuck or have any questions.

    Thanks Susan … John Conner

  36. Hello, John. I’m disabled, 48 yrs old, live in TN and am eligible for Medicare this December. I’ve been researching for hours trying to see what my options are for medigap. In TN is there a waiting period on pre-existing conditions, and will my premiums be higher than someone over 65? Honestly don’t know where to start. What kind of rates should I expect and for what available plans? Please help. I know I can pay 400/mos just for the supplement. Argh……

  37. Hi Linda, unfortunately Arizona companies do not offer under age 65 Medicare Supplement plans at this time. Your friend should look at the available Medicare Advantage plans along with the new Affordable Care Ace (ObamaCare) health insurance plans which are currently in open-enrollment now for a January 1 2014 effective date.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks .. John Conner

  38. Hi , I have a dear friend here in Arizona, who has ESRD and receives dialysis, she is under 65 at this time and she can not afford the 20% that she is responsible for, is there something out there that she can get a medigap plan or some other supplemental insurance. It looks like Az is not one of the states that offers a medicare advantage plan for someone like her. I feel bad for her because she is billed a large sum for each tx and medicare only pays 80% AND HER 20 % IS LIKE 5000 A MONTH. She is married and is not able to get meidcaid. What can she do. Is there any help for her? Please answer if you can.

  39. Hello, your only option at this point is what is called “Trial-Right.” This allows a person to enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan, then dis-enroll if you are unhappy with it. The dis-enrollment triggers a guaranteed-issue option to enroll into a Medicare Supplement.

    Feel free to call and I can explain how this works and to see if this is the right move for your husband.

    Thanks … John Conner

  40. John, My husband Darrell is on Medicare A&B,and we signed him up for a drug plan.This started at the first of the year, My question is he is 47 disabled due to cancer and we need a medigap policy to cover extra cost, can you help? Thanks

  41. Hi Cheryl, yes you will have a 6 month open-enrollment period starting on your 65th birthday. At that time you will be able to enroll in any type of Medicare plan of your choice. When that time gets closer, if you would like to chat about your options and the different plan prices, I will be happy to help you through the process.

    Thanks again … John Conner

  42. John,

    Thank you for the quick response.

    Since i have had part B for ten years, I’m confused as to what you mean by “when part B starts.”.
    I’m concerned that I’ve missed the opportunity to obtain a Medigap policy. Or does the opportunity center around turning 65.

    Thank you again.

  43. Hi Cheryl, I would definitely recommend a Medicare Supplement when you turn 65. Unless, you are on specialized medications (high price monthly) and your current group plan pays most of the cost. Otherwise the medical coverage with a Medicare Supplement Plan C, F or G is hard to beat. You can enroll n any medicare plan once your Medicare Part “B” starts. You have 6 months from the “B” start date to enroll in a Medicare Supplement policy.

    Cheryl, feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  44. Hi John,

    I will be 64 this year and live in West Virginia. As a result of a disability, I have been on Medicare parts A and B for ten years. However, Medicare is secondary as my primary insurance comes through my husband’s insurer through work. He expects to work another five years.
    Will I be eligible to apply for a Medigap policy when I turn 65 and would you recommend doing so?

    Thank you

  45. Hi Dianne, if the plans are within your budget I think we can find something that fits your needs. First, if you choose a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan A, you don’t have to worry about doctor networks or approved physician lists. If your doctors/hospitals accept “Medicare” then you are able to see that provider. If your doctor has “opted-out” of Medicare then they are most likely “cash only” doctors anyways. Regarding the Medicare Part D Rx plan options. What I would do is figure out the top 3 or 4 plans for your medication list, then call each carrier and see how they treat each drug. I wouldn’t want a carrier to only provide a drug(s) for only a portion on the year.

    Let me know and I can help you sort through all of this.

    Thanks … John Conner

  46. Hi, John,
    I live in Texas, zip 75650. I am 62 and disabled. I will start Medicare A & B June 1. I just found out I will lose our current insurance that was under my husband’s, as he is retired. I thought I had found a supplemental plan through Scott and White, but not one of my 7 doctors is on the plan. Looking at Medicare.gov it looks like they should offer drug coverage, too, ( TX is a Plan A only state), but the lady with whom I spoke said I had to get a Part D plan, probably because my meds run $42,000 per year. The donut hole is going to be tough, too. Is there any plan that would give me medi- gap coverage and allow me to keep my doctors? My pharmacist told me to be carefu, that one of their customers was allowed to get one of his medications filled one time, then was told he’d have to find another drug in that “class” that was less expensive. I am Celiac and highly allergic to soy, so the fillers in drugs are an issue. We have worked hard to find meds that manage my symptoms and pain to a livable level. Now the thought of finding new doctors and having to go through helping them understand what does and doesn’t work is overwhelming. On the other hand, I’ve found out the hard way that unexpected, and expensive, things can and do happen. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Seems that disabled people have hard issues to deal with when you have no supplemental insurance from a job. I was in private education and Head of School, but no benefits. We are just over qualifying for help or Medicaid. Thanks again, Dianne

  47. Hi Stephen, most likely there is not going to be any Medicare Advantage coverage available to you while you are under age 65 in Arizona. Call Medicare (800-633-4227) there may be exceptions in your area regarding Medicare Advantage plans. And Medicare Supplements are not available to anyone under age 65 in Arizona.
    Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
    Thanks … John

  48. Hello Bob, Arkansas is not an ‘under-age’ 65 state for Medicare Supplement plans, although Humana has 4 Medicare PPO’s in your zip code. Here is Humana’s phone number (800-833-2364), call them and they will give you the details.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  49. Are there any medicare PPO plans available in Arkanas zip 72034? I am 61 on SS disability and cannot seem to find anything other than medicare advantage plans. Thanks!

  50. Beth, the lowest rates in the 31088 area are by a company called New Era (Plan F = $312/mo. Plan G = $257/mo.) F provides 100% coverage while Plan G has a $140 annual “outpatient” deductible. Your husband will also need to enroll in a Medicare Part D Rx plan (monthly rates are usually between $20 to $40 per month).

    Beth, please call if you have any questions.

    Thanks again .. John Conner

  51. OK, no problem. Most Medicare members will choose a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan in addition to Medicare. They are very different from each other. The Medicare Supplement plan will provide the best coverage along with the best access to different doctors and hospitals. Although the under-age 65 Medicare Supplement plans in Georgia can be a bit pricy.

    What is your zip code and I’ll check the rates for you.

    Thanks .. John

  52. John, i told you i was confused my husband has medicare not medicaid, he has medicare part A part B and part D which comes in to effect April 01, 2012. do you think we need to have a supplement ins with this. thank you so much, sorry for the confusion.

  53. Hi Beth, typically no, you do not need a Medicare Supplement along with Medicare & Medicaid, because Medicaid will be paying for the services not paid for by Medicare. If he ever looses Medicaid because of income, that will allow him to move into a Medicare Supplement. If you have more questions, please let me know.

    Thanks … John

  54. Hi John
    my husband is disabled, he will be on medicaid A & B & D effective april 1, 2012, this is all so confusing to me, i have him on my ins at my job, which i will be cancelling on march 31, 2012. do i need to get a supplement ins to go with medicaid part A B and D.

    thank you

  55. Hi Nelda, there are plenty of Medicare Supplement companies/plans available to under-age 65 Medicare Members in Georgia. Although you need to be within a “guaranteed-issue” period. Such as; within 6 months of obtaining Medicare, or exiting an employer group health plan, or dis-enrolling from a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time. The states don’t make it easy. Please contact me and I’ll explain how this works.
    Thanks .. John Conner

  56. Hi John, I am 63 yr old on SSDI, is there any kind of supplement available before I reach 65? I live in Georgia, and the best I have been able to find out is that there is nothing till 65. It puts an extreme hardship on those of us who are in this predicament. You never know when you reach this age when you may have to have surgery or help beyond what part B will cover.

  57. Hi Geri, what state are you living in. If you are in a State which offers under-age 65 Med Supp plans I can help, otherwise you may need to look into Medicare Advantage plans.

    Thanks … John

  58. I have Humana RX and medicare A & B. Need Supplement Insurance. I am 61 disabled and have only SSAN income, can you help??

  59. Hi Carol, I just emailed you a couple Medicare PPO plans in your area. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  60. Hi Carol, what is your Zip code and I’ll see what is available in your area, then give you some suggestions.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  61. John,

    I have been researching a Medicare Advantage plan because I am disabled. I live in Arkansas and I am 61 yr. old. My husband is planning to retire in April and I will be losing his employee insurance plan at that time. In looking at the Medicare Advantage plans available in Arkansas I don’t really see any that are any better than just keeping regular Medicare and adding the Part D prescription plan. Am I missing something? My preference would be to get a Medigap policy but since that is not possible in Arkansas I guess I will have to wait until I am 65. I have a lot of health problems and I am afraid that I may run into problems before I reach 65.

    Thank you for any information, suggestions, or comments.

  62. Hi James, Florida does not have age restrictions regarding a Medicare Supplement policy. If you are on Medicare regarless of your age you can enroll in any available Medicare Supplement.

    If you would like to see the different company rates, I’ll be happy to send them to you.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  63. Hi, John. I don’t know if you can help me, but I am getting desperate here in Florida. I am 45, on disability, and am seeking a Medigap policy, Plan F, but am having difficulty finding a carrier who will sell me a supplement policy. I have been advised by our Florida insurance office that companies are required to sell me a policy regardless of my age. I’ve made several calls directly to insurance companies, used the medicare.gov and other websites, and essentially have spent a lot of time on this without getting anywhere. Even AARP (UnitedHealthcare) told me that, yes, they do sell policies in Florida, but they won’t sell to me because I am under age 50. Do you have any information that could help me?

  64. Hi Carey, in order to move to a Medicare Supplement plan, it may be tricky. If you have been on Medicare for more than 6 months, or on a Medicare Advantage plan for more than 12 months, you may need to stay on a Med Advantage plan. The best place to compare Med Advantage plan in your area is http://www.Medicare.gov. It’s not the easiest site to maneuver, so if you need help feel free to contact me.

    Thanks .. John

  65. Hi John,
    I am disabled and under 50 and receive Medicare. I have been under HBCBS Medicare blue advantage plan and am in open enrollment now. I am looking to change over to a medicare supplemental plan . Can you recommend a good plan for medical and one for part D prescription plan for here in NJ?

  66. Rick, West Virginia is not an “Under-Age-65” Medicare Supplement state. There are currently 30 states which make it mandatory offer Medicare Supplement policies to individuals on Medicare regardless of age. In West Virginia your options are to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO’s & PPO’s), or stay on Original Medicare and enroll in a Part D prescription plan. The best place to look for Medicare Advantage plans and Part D plans are on the Medicare web site: http://www.medicare.gov. If you would like assistance, please let me know. And be sure to call if you have questions.

    Thanks Rick … John Conner

  67. Hi Sandy, New Jersey offers under age 65 Medicare Supplement plans only if you apply to a Medicare Supplement within 6 month of enrolling in Medicare Part B. Or if exiting an employer health insurance plan. There are also a couple other situations which allow for a “guarantee-issue” enrollment.

    Call anytime so we can discuss your options.

    Thanks .. John Conner


  69. Hello John, Thank you in advance for your support. I’m 47 recently received a positive ruling for SSID with medicare A&B, Which Medicare advantage plan / Ins Co would you recommend for the state of WV. And will I be able to enroll after the enrollment date ends. This is all so confusing. Thank you

  70. Thanx John, no I really haven’t, I guess because all the comments I have read about HMO’s has pretty much been negative. I guess may be my only option tho. Thanx so much!!! Shelley

  71. Hi Shelley, Washington is not an “under-age 65 Medicare Supplement state. Have you looked at the Medicare Advantage plans (HMO’s & PPO’s) in your area? That is probably your best option for better coverage.

    Let me know if I can help. Thanks .. John Conner

  72. Hi John, Help!!! My husband is on disability and is 60 years old. We live in Washington State in Asotin County, and I am overwhelmed trying to find a Medicare Supplement. He has medicare A and B and that is it. He did have Sterling Health but they dropped coverage in 2009 so he has been without since then (long story). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  73. Hi Kimberly, the information regarding Medicaid is incorrect. In the state of New Jersey, a person who has Medicare Part B and either voluntarily or involuntarily cancels their employer group health plan which is primary to Medicare, can enroll in a Medicare Supplement, guaranteed as long as you enroll within 63 days of leaving the group health plan.

    Hope that helps. Call or email if you have questions.

    Thanks .. John

  74. Thank you. I did look into the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Contemporary Medigap Under 65 Plan C. They told me the only way she can get it is if she is enrolled in Medicaid. Does this seem accurate? She does collect SSI, but does not have Medicaid. Thank you again for your help in navigating this confusing matter!

  75. Hi Kimberly, I would definately look into a Medicare Supplement plan as long as the price is within budget, and enroll in a Medicare Part D plan for her meds. Medicare Plan C is the only under-age 65 medicare supplement plan available in New Jersey, so the coverage will be very good.

    Please contact me if you have questions.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  76. Hello,
    My mom is disabled, under 65, lives in NJ, and currently has Medicare as secondary insurance and has my dad’s policy through work as primary. My dad is being laid off in February and she will, therefore, lose her primary insurance, thus making Medicare her primary. Her prescriptions are very expensive and she qualifies for extra help. Upon losing her primary coverage, should she enroll in an Advantage plan or would it be better to enroll in a Medigap plan along with a Part D prescription plan? I’m fairly sure NJ offers under 65 Medigap coverage.

    Thanks for a great website.

  77. Hi Elizabeth, South Carolina is not an under-age 65 Medicare Supplement state. Certain states make the insurance companies offer under age 65 plans to anyone on Medicare regardless of age. Your options are to either keep original Medicare by itself and enroll in a Medicare Part D plan for your prescription coverage, or to look into the Medicare Advantage plans (HMO’s and PPO’s) in your county. The best place to look is; http://www.medicare.gov. If you need help searching please let me know.

    Thanks .. John

  78. What supplement is avaliable to a South Carolina resident under 65 on disability with medicare?

  79. Hi Ken, you can’t enroll in a Medicare Supplement if you are under the age of 65 in Arizona. Your options are to look into Medicare Advantage plans. Open enrollment is now until December 7th, for a 1/1/2012 effective date. The Medicare website is the best place to check what is available in your County (www.Medicare.gov). Or call anytime and we can do a quick search.

    Thanks … John

  80. Hi Homer, Alabama is not an under-65 Medicare Supplement state. Only certain states offer Medicare Supplement policies to individuals under the age of 65. Your best bet, is to look into the available Medicare Advantage plans in your area. A good place to search is the http://www.Medicare.gov site.

    Or call me and we can search the available plans.

    Thanks … John Conner

  81. First thanks for the informative site. I live in Alabama,age 53 and on disability, multiple surgeries knock out private plans, to expensive. I have part A,B and healthspring drug, is their any help with co-pay?
    Thanks Homer

  82. Hey John,
    I am 47 years old and disabled. I have Medicare part A & B. I am looking for supplemental insurance, but I live in Arizona. Is there a company that will sell me supplemental insurance? If not, do I have any options?


  83. Hi Sandy, unfortunately South Carolina is not a state which provides under-age 65 Medicare Supplement plans. You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage (PPO’s & HMO’s) or you can stay with Original Medicare and pick up a Medicare Part D Rx plan. When you turn 65 you will have a new Open-Enrollment of 6 months to choose any Med Supp or Med Advantage plan in your area.

    Feel free to call anytime if you have questions.

    Thanks John.

  84. John, I live in SC. I am 61, disabled and just qualified for Medicare A and B. Do I qualify for any Medigap policy? Thanks.

  85. Hi Leslie, I speak to plenty of under-age 65 Medicare beneficiaries who were not made aware of the available open-enrollment period. Unfortunately it is not mentioned very well when a person first becomes eligible for Medicare. At this time your best bet would be to look into a Medicare Advantage plan in your area. Medicare Advantage Open-Enrollment this year is from Oct 15 thru Dec 7th. The best place to look is http://www.Medicare.gov. Or you can call me and I’ll at least give you my opinion of the available plans.

    Thanks Leslie

    John Conner

  86. Hi John: I have been disabled for 5 years and never knew about the 6-month open enrollment period for MediGap policies. I am long past that and, at 50, am years away from the age 65 open enrollment period that guarantees my obtaining a plan if I wish. I do have a number of health issues, and I’m wondering is there any hope of finding a MediGap plan for myself? Or is it likely that, due to my health history, all the insurance companies would turn me down? Thanks so much…Leslie

  87. Hi Mike, yes the Plan N will pay the 20% after you satisfy the $162 Medicare Part B annual deductible.

    Feel free to call anytime.

    Thanks .. John

  88. Hi John:I have Medicare supplement policy plan N,If I go treatment chemotherapy and Radiation I know medicare will pay 80% of the coverage. Will the Medicare supplement policy plan N pay the other 20% of the fee? Thank you!

  89. Hi Debbie, Texas is a “Plan A Only” state for their Medicare Supplement’s for under age 65 Medicare beneficiaries. I can verify first thing tomorrow morning regarding your age. I just need to make sure under age 50 is available.

    I’ll notify you tomorrow morning.

    Thanks Debbie … John Coner

  90. Hi, I am 49 yr old female, my medicare became effective 8/1/11, all my doctors do not accept the medicare advantage plans and i have since spoke twice to two different agents saying because of my age and the state i live in TX 75071 that i will not be able to find a supplemental plan. I have just looked at the Humana site and it gave no information on age so i called and the gentleman i spoke with said that they do not offer supplemental plans to people my age. i am at a stand still, i need medical attention which i cannot afford with just medicade, i am in dire need of a supplemental plan so i can get the healthcare needed in order for me to live an active lifestyle and work again. is there any options for me?

    Thank you

  91. Hi Dee, if you are outside your 6-month open enrollment window, there aren’t any Medicare Supplement companies which will enroll a person with ESRD. Are you anywhere near your 65th birthday. If so you can enroll in any plan you like.

    Wish I could help.

    John Conner

  92. I think the answer is no such luck Ive been looking for a medicare policy to cover the 20% but I have ESRD everywhere I look is says no. Im beyond the 6 month time frame. Just doesnt seem fair with a transplant on the horizon and the immunosuppresant (sp) meds costing 15k a month.

  93. Hi Wendy, regarding switching back to a Medicare Supplement policy. You can if it is your first time on a Medicare Advantage policy and within 12 months of your Medicare Advantage start date. This is caused a “Trial-Right” option. You are allowed to dis-enroll from your Med Advantage and go back to Original Medicare along with a Medicare Supplement.

    Hope that helps. If you have questions please call anytime.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  94. I am 43 and disabled and have been on medicare since July 01, 2010. At that time I purchased a BCBSNC medigap plan A policy. I am currently thinking of switching to a Medicare Advantage plan due the cost of my current medigap policy. If I switch to a Medicare Advantage plan and decide it does not work for me, can I switch back to a Medigap policy at any time?

  95. Hi Mike, ESRD for individuals under age 65 is a tough one! If your client currently has a Medigap plan, they won’t do any better. Their only option is to contact MOO to see if he can downgrade his policy to a different Medigap plan.

    If you have questions please feel free to call anytime. Sorry I couldn’t help.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  96. I am trying to find an insurance solution for an ESRD patient I work with in Florida who is in his early ’40s. He currently has Medicare primary and a MOO Medigap policy secondary, but the MOO policy is getting too expensive, and he would like to find something cheaper. He is being told by agents that because he’s under 65 he cannot switch carriers or even to a lower premium MOO policy, and no one wants ESRD patients. Also, he makes too much to qualify for Medicaid. Is there any way around his dilemma?

  97. Hi Elizabeth, I’ve talked to a few other Sierra Health members in Texas. I spoke with Sierra health last week and they said there are not any options to move to another Medicare Supplement plan. If the policy had changed or cancelled you would have the option to move to another company. Although with a rate increase, the only option you have is to look into the Medicare Advantage plan, and the earliest they are available is; 1/1/2012.

    Call me if you have any questions.

    I wish I could give you better news.

    John Conner

  98. John
    I became disabled in 9/2006. At that time I took out a medicare supplemental policy, Sierra Health & Life, Schedule F. Approximately 1 1/2 ago SHL was accquired by United Health Care. As of today I received notice that as of October 1, 2011 my premium would increase from 258.15 to a whopping 561.40. That is an increase of $303.25. Do I have any options. I am only 50 years old. Can I change to another medicare supplemental plan that will not be so expensive. I receive 1,155.00 a month in SSDI. I missed qualifying for Medicaid by $155.00 last year. There is no way that I can handle a increase of $303.25. I reside in Texas. New Caney, Montgomery County.

  99. Hi Kandy, even if you did spend most of the year in Texas, Texas is a Plan A only state. Meaning they only offer Medicare Supplement plan A for anyone on Medicare who is under age 65. If this is something you would like more information on, please let me know.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  100. John:
    My husband will have medicare on 11/1/11. He is 57 and disabled. He lives in Arkansas and wants a supplement. He does not want an advange plan. He only wants to see his doctors at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas. I know Arkansas does not have guaranteed supplement plans. We have rental property in Texas. Does this qualify us for Texas plans? Any advice.

  101. Hi Diane, that is correct. Oklahoma is a “Plan A” state for under age 65 Medicare beneficiaries. If you give me your zip code I will be able to email you the rates of the different carriers. Is he close to age 65?

    So his current doctors don’t accept any Medicare Advantage plan?

    Diane call anytime with questions.

    Thanks … John Conner

  102. Hi John,
    My husband will be eligible for medicare effective Oct 1 due to receiving ssd for 2 years for a permanant disablilty. He is not able to work and is currently still on his employer plan as a retiree. We live in Oklahoma and understand he will be offered only a plan A medigap policy? And none of his doctors are on the advantage plans that are offered. Could you perhaps give us some advice? He needs to be able to follow up with his doctors he has been seeing for the past 2 years due to cancer and massive stroke.
    Thanks so much for you help.

  103. Hi Chris, your sisters Medicare Part C is the coverage which will cover her ankle surgery. She will have to check the coverage to determine how much of the procedure will be covered. If it is an outpatient procedure, look at the outpatient surgery benefits. If hospitalized, compare the hospital coverage of her part C company.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to call anytime with questions.


    John Conner

  104. Hi Chris, yes your husband will still have to wait 2 years once on Disability for his Medicare coverage to start, even if he is currently on Medicaid. Unfortunately that is how our under-age 65 Medicare system works.

    Please call if you ever have any questions.

    John Conner

  105. My husband is under 65 also and is going through documentation for SSDI. If he gets it, as I understand it, he still has to be on SSDI Medicaid for 2 years before he gets original Medicare, but by then, he will age-in anyway. Is there any way to skip those 2 years and go onto original Medcare right away after he’s certified as disabled?

  106. My sister is under 65 lives in Utah and is disabled. She was originally on SSDI/Medicaid, but after the two years, is now on Medicare and has been for 4-6 years. She also has a Part C Medicare Advantage plan instead of a Med Supp. She is facing ankle surgery in 2 months and wonders if the 20% not paid by Part A or B will be picked up by her Part C plan or not. Will she have to pay for it herself? She also has a Part D drug plan. What kind of costs should she expect when she enters hospital? Anything upfront?

  107. Hi Barbara, under-age 65 Medicare Supplement plans are available in Kentucky. Give me your age and zip code and I’ll send you the rates of the different companies for Plan F.

    Thanks … John

  108. I heard you could not get supplimental insurance to medicare part A and B if you live in Kentucky and are under age 65

  109. Hi John, Iowa, is not an ‘under-age 65 Medicare Supplement state, unfortunately. What you can do is look into Medicare Advantage plans (HMO’s & PPO’s). Depending on your county of residence, you may be able to find a very good plan. Then, when you turn age 65, you will have a new 6 month open enrollment period where you can enroll in any Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan available in your area.

    If you would like some assistance with researching Medicare Advantage plans, feel free to call anytime (800-700-1246).

    Thanks … John Conner

  110. My Part A and B medicare starts 1 Sep 2011, and I live in Iowa. Does this mean I cannot get Medgap from another state as Iowa does not
    have it available?

  111. Hi, Georgia introduced Under-Age 65 Medicare Supplements in November 2010 and had a 6 month guaranteed-issue period for Medicare Supplement applicants until May 1, 2011. The state didn’t advertise this opportunity very well.

    Is your current plan a Medicare Advantage plan, or an Employer group health insurance plan? If it is a group health plan, you can cancel that and have a guaranteed issue period of 63 days where you can enroll in anything you want. If your Humana plan is a Medicare Advantage you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period, later this year, to shop for a better plan.

    Contact me anytime with yor questions.

    Thanks John

  112. Hi, yes once your husband goes onto Medicare Parts A and B, he will have the option of cancelling his health insurance plan, and keep that premium. He will want to look into either a Medicare Supplement plan or Medicare Advantage to cover what Medicare doesn’t pay for (Deductibles, percentages etc.). Also, to cover his medications, he will need a Medicare Part D Rx plan.

    Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions.

    Thanks John

  113. I need help.. some of this is so confusing. My husband (only 31) is on SSDI. He makes only about $50 per month because about 600 more is taken from his check to pay for anthem health insurance.. He also received regualar SS checks every month. Now, if I understand correctly, he will switch to medicare after 24 months.. does this mean we will get to keep the money that would normally go to anthem? Would we get 600 more per month??

  114. Hello John,

    I’m in the same situation as George in the above comments. I am age 46 and have been disabled for 8 years. I do work about 25 hrs a week in an office, but remain on disability as my Dr. believes my condition could worsen at any time.
    I have Humana and am not pleased. It is taking the place of Medicare and I have to come up with the 20% on my own.
    I live in georgia. Chattoga county. Do you know of anything available to me. I would love to drop humana, go back to regular medicare and find a supplemental policy that will pick up the remaining 20%. I realize the premium will be higher than what I currently pay, but am so willing to pay it.
    Thank you for any information that you can provide.
    Thank you.

  115. Hi Shelly, if you father is still on his employer health insurance plan, he is eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan (guaranteed). Even if he is past the 6 month window of becoming eligible for Medicare Part D, the group health coverage provides what’s called a “qualifying event.” Let me know his age and zip code and I’ll email the different company rates to you.


    John Conner

  116. Hi John,
    Are you licensed to sell plans in Kentucky or would you be willing to assist me with getting some information for my father about a Medicare plan. He has ESRD so I know he is not eligible for Medicare Advantage plan. Right now he has COBRA insurance through former employer because it was better coverage but it is getting ready to run out. I was interested in seeing if he could qualify for a Medicare Supplement plan, but he’s past the 6 months from when he was deemed disabled.

    Thank you!!

  117. George, you can choose another Medicare Advantage plan (PPO or HMO) which is available in your county. Or you can dis-enroll from your Humana plan and go back to original Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan. Under age 65 Medigap plans only offer Plan A which covers the Medicare Parts A & B coinsurance. Deductibles would be your responsibilty.

    Call me if you need help.


  118. If I disenroll from Humana, do I go back on medicare. Also I will be 63 in October if that makes any difference.

    Let me be sure that I understand correctly.

    I get medicare that pays 80% and you can get me a policy that pays the other 20. Also can this apply to Humana if I keep it.
    Thanks for the quick responses.

  119. I am an Independent Agent and represent about a dozen companies, mostly Medicare Supplement carriers. I also help my clients find Medicare Advantage plans, if that is what they are looking for. Also I help with Medicare Part D Rx plans.

    Thanks George … John Conner

  120. Hi George, if you are unhappy with Humana, you can dis-enroll (last day is Feb 28th), and enroll into a new Medicare Advantage plan. The best place to look is http://www.medicare.gov. This site will tell you what Medicare Advantage plans are in your county, along with monthly premiums and benefits. Let me know if you need help.

    Thanks .. John

  121. John.
    I live in Texas so I am pretty sure that I qualify. I have had Part B for a year. I want to make sure that this is not a medicare suppliement plan but a plan for the 20% not covered by medicare or in this case Humana. Not pleased with them.

  122. Hi George, if you want the 20% of the Medicare Part B covered, a Medicare Supplement plan may be ideal for you. Although not all states provide under-age 65 Medigap plans. What is your state of residence. Also, depending you how long you have had Part B coverage will depend if you are able to qualify for a Med Supp plan.

    Feel free to contact me anytime regarding your current situation.


    John Conner

  123. I have Humana Gold in place of Medicare. I am disabled and under
    62. Is there a policy that can cover the 20% that is not covered
    under the Humana (supplement for medicare)Plan.

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