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Assurant Health Insurance Cleveland

assurant coremed brochure2014 Assurant health insurance plans in Cleveland Ohio offers “Off Exchange” Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.  Quotes for yourself, family members and children only plan.  You can now view quotes and enroll in the same place,  Click Here for quotes and enroll.

Great News - Assurant allows anyone to move to an Assurant health insurance plan anytime this year (if you currently a health insurance policy (any company) with an effective date before 1/1/2014).  This is great for anyone paying too much, maybe wants out of an HMO’s restrictions or simply want more choice of doctors and hospitals.  Call me today for find out more.

Assurant Health and Dental Insurance is one of the largest health companies in the US, now offering 2014 plan in 42 States.  In Ohio Assurant is known as one of the most competitive health insurance companies throughout the State.

CoreMed Copay Plans … These plans require a copay for illness- and injury-related in-network doctor’s office visits. They also include coverage for preventive services like annual exams. Choose your deductible and coinsurance options.

100% After Deductible Plans … These plans pay most covered in-network expenses, including illness- and injury-related doctor’s office visits, at 100% after you meet the deductible. They include coverage for preventive services like annual exams. Choose from several deductible options.

Health Savings Account Plans … These plans cover many of the same services as our Copay plans and 100% After Deductible plans, including preventive care, but they’re designed to work with an HSA. You can use your HSA to pay qualified medical expenses and to budget for medical care in the future.

Protect your healthy smile with affordable, easy to use optional dental benefits from one of the nations largest dental insurers.  For a low monthly premium.  You can use any dentist in all 50 states.  Just choose the type of coverage that meets your needs.

Assurant Accident Plan … Assurant offers an Accident plan which pays you cash in the event of an accident.  WIth health insurance deductibles now being so high (up to $6,350 per person) you are responsible for paying these deductibles if an accident occurs.  Even a trip to the emergency room can result in thousands of dollars depending on the services provided.  The Assurant Accident plan is an Ideal optional benefit which helps pay you for your “out of pocket” costs when accidents happen.  Get more info here.

Find a Doctor .. Our network features approximately 544,000 medical providers, with nearly 4,000 hospitals and over 60,000 pharmacies across most of the U.S.

Enroll Today or feel free to call or email anytime with questions.  I’m here to help.

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Assurant CoreMed Health Insurance

assurant_logo1.gifAssurant Health major medical insurance for individuals and families. Most people look to major medical insurance to protect them from the financial loss that a catastrophic illness or injury can bring about.  Our major medical plans for individuals and families do just that.

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Great News - Open enrollment is quickly approaching (November 15 through February 15, 2015.  This is a great time to review any changes in your current health insurance plan and company, along with comparing and review other companies to see what they have to offer.

  • Assurant Dental (visit any dentist – no networks)
  • Short-Term health insurance from Assurant.  Temporary coverage from 1 month to 12 months.
  • Find a doctor near you. (Assurant has the larges doctor & hospital network nationwide)
  • Accident Insurance – Is your Deductible too high.  A $20 Accident pays you cash when accidents strike. Works great for employees on group health plans as well.  Help with your deductible and other costs.  Get more info here.

Assurant CoreMed Health Insurance plans offer a wide range of deductibles

CoreMed network benefits

Preventive care: A big reason people visit the doctor is wellness, or preventive care — health care designed to help prevent diseases and conditions, such as physicals, mammograms and immunizations for kids.  It’s much less expensive — and of course, much better for your well-being — to catch health conditions early. That’s why your Assurant Health major medical plan pays 100% of preventive services recommended under the Affordable Care Act when you use in-network doctors, meaning you don’t have to pay a copay, office visit charge or coinsurance.

  • Short-Term Coverage  –  If you need a “Temporary” plan, Assurant offers a great Short-Term plan for anyone looking for health insurance for 30 days and up to 12 months. 

Off Exchange Plans … Currently Assurant Health offers their portfolio of Metal Affordable Care Act Compliant CoreMed plans for “Off-Exchange” sales only. What this means is if your income exceeds the 400% of the Federal Poverty level you do not qualify for the Advanced Tax Payer Credit that is offered to American’s whose income falls below this level.

Assurant Health major medical insurance includes, at no additional cost:

  • Retail Health Clinics — Use a convenient Retail Health Clinic when you need care for common medical conditions such as strep throat, a physical examination, or a vaccination. You’ll save money and time by not scheduling a doctor’s visit for more simple illnesses, and you’ll benefit from:
  • Quality nurse practitioners and physician assistants located right in the pharmacy 
  • Discounted treatment and care on a first-come, first-served basis 
  • Flexible, extended hours — even on weekends.
  • Preventive Benefits — Preventive services recommended by the Affordable Care Act are paid at 100% when using in-network doctors.
  • Patient Care — Personal assistance navigating the health care system is just a phone call away Patient Care advocates are not employees of Assurant Health.  Patient Care service may be discontinued at any time.
  • Registered Nurses — On-staff nurses help you manage complex conditions, serving as liaisons between you and your provider.

Enroll Today in one of Assurant’s health insurance plans.

Need help or have questions?  Please feel free to call or email anytime.

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Assurant Health Insurance

assurant_logo1.gifGreat News - Assurant is quickly becoming one of the “go-to” health insurance companies, because of their giant national network of doctors (1 million) and hospitals (7,600) coupled with competitive premiums, service and one of the longest track records in the business.  Over 100 years of insuring Americans.  Switch to Assurant today … 

You always have choice when it comes to your health insurance.  Now you can choose an Assurant Health plan which boasts one of the largest PPO networks in the U.S.  Over 1 Million doctors and 7,600 hospitals.

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 Largest Network … Assurant has one of the largest, if not the largest, networks of doctors and hospitals in the U.S.  They use the Aetna Signature network.

You need a strong health plan that covers life’s unexpected turns. With our major medical insurance plans, you’ll get the coverage you need to protect you or your family. These plans meet Minimum Essential Coverage requirements.

  • Assurant Accident Plans – Is your Deductible too high.  A $25 Accident plan will pay you back in cash.  Help with your deductible in the event of an accident.  Get more info here.
  • Assurant Dental  (visit any dentist – no networks)
  • Short-Term Health Insurance  –  Enroll anytime of the year, (1 to 12 months) and outside of the open-enrollment period.  Need only a month or two, maybe a full twelve months.  A great option when you are between plans or waiting for the next open-enrollment.

Assurant Health:

  • No lifetime benefit limits: No dollar limits on hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions and more
  • Preventive services: Many wellness benefits and screenings paid at 100% before you meet your deductible 4
  • Health Savings Account: Add this to select plans to pay for medical expenses or save for retirement.

Assurant plans are categorized into four metal levels of coverage based on the percentage of costs covered for an average population:

  • Platinum: You pay 10% of health costs, Assurant’s plan covers 90%
  • Gold: You pay 20% of health costs, Assurant’s plan covers 80%
  • Silver: You pay 30% of health costs, Assurant’s plan covers 70%
  • Bronze: You pay 40% of health costs, Assurant’s plan covers 60%

Why purchase additional coverage with my health plan?  There are some great reasons why you might consider adding supplemental coverage like dental or accident insurance to your health plan:

  • Affordable — simple plan options help you meet your needs and budget. You can save 40 percent off of dental insurance premiums when you purchase a dental plan at the same time you purchase a major medical or fixed-benefit plan.*
  • Simple — no networks, coinsurance or copays.
  • Enhance other plans — provides additional coverage that can be used to pay out-of-pocket health care costs and everyday bills.
  • Portable — you keep the plan you want even if your other insurance plans change.

Assurant Health’s products are underwritten and issued by John Alden Life insurance Company, Union Security Insurance Company and Time insurance Company, which has been in business since 1892.  Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Assurant Health employs approximately 2,000.

Assurant, a Fortune 500 company and member of the S&P 500, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIZ.  Assurant has approximately $29 billion in assets and $8 billion in annual revenue.  Assurant has approximately 14,500 employees worldwide and is headquartered in New York’s financial district.

Enroll Online Today .. in a new Assurant health plan for you and your family.

Please feel free to call or email anytime with questions.

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2015 Covered California Health Insurance Plans

Open-Enrollment starts November 15 2014 and goes through February 15 2015.  This is the best time to compare plans, review and make plan or company changes.  Please call anytime if you have questions or need help.

New 2015 Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans (Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare) health plans and rates for Individuals, families and children.  Health Insurance is now offered on a guaranteed-issue basis, meaning you can enroll in any company health insurance plan regardless of your current or previous health status.

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Network of Doctors  –  Assurant Health Insurance PPO plans have by far the largest network of doctors and hospitals.  Over 1 Million doctors and 7,600 hospitals across the U.S.

  • Is your Deductible too high.  A $25 Accident plan from Assurant will pay you back in cash.  Help with your deductible in the event of an accidental injury.  Get more info here.

Subsidy? … Depending on your household income, When you enroll in a new health insurance plan for yourself or family you may be eligible for a subsidy (discount) which may drastically decrease the monthly premium.  Subsidy eligibility depends on “household income.”  You can see the income chart below.

Open-Enrollment … Every year you will enjoy an “Open-Enrollment” period typically from October 1 through December 15, which allows you to view the health insurance plans and premiums in your area and any changes which may occur for the following year.  This is the time you will make any changes with your current company or enroll in a new plan/company.  for the following year.  Changes can only be made during the open-enrollment period unless there is a “qualifying event” which may allow you to change plans outside the annual open enrollment period.

ACA subsidy levels 2015

4 Levels of Coverage … With all companies you will find 4 levels of coverage.  The plans are categorized into four “metal levels” of coverage based on the percentage of coverage the company’s pay.

  • Platinum:  You pay 10% of health costs, plan covers 90%
  • Gold:  You pay 20% of health costs, plan covers 80%
  • Silver:  You pay 30% of health costs, plan covers 70%
  • Bronze:  You pay 40% of health costs, plan covers 60%

All plans will  offer the “essential health benefits” such as: doctor visits, hospital care, prescription coverage and maternity care, and will include certain preventive care for no charge.

Enroll Online with the company and plan of your choice … Remember, enrollment in a health insurance company is guaranteed, regardless of one’s health history or current health status.  The enrollment process is quick and easy with much less personal information then when insurance companies would medically underwrite.

Do I have to enroll during Open Enrollment?  If you choose not to enroll in an “Affordable Care Act” plan in 2015, you will be fined and the penalty will be the greater of 1% of your taxable income or $95 per adult and $47.50 per child (up to $285 per family).

You can choose to buy insurance from an insurer from your state of residence.  You must keep your plan for the entire year unless you start on an employer health plan or move to an area where your plan is not available.  Also if your income drops to where you are eligible for Medicaid.  Otherwise you must keep your plan or face the fine.

Health Care … Almost everyone gets sick or hurt, or needs some sort of medical help.  To get better you usually need care, like seeing a doctor or staying in a hospital or taking prescription medications.  Health Care includes many different services such as: doctors office visits, hospital stays, emergency room visits, lab and X-ray, prescription drugs, preventive care, well baby visits, well woman visits, immunizations and screenings.

Anthem   –   Blue Shield  –  Assurant

  • Dental  (visit any dentist – no networks)

Please feel free to call or email anytime with questions.

John Conner

2015 Kaiser Permanente Covered California Plans and Rates

kaiser 1

Open Enrollment for all Health Insurance members is from November 15 2014 through February 15, 2015.  This is a great time to find the best 2015 health plan for yourself and family.  Call me if you need a little help finding the right plan.

2015 Kaiser Permanente Covered California health insurance plans for individuals and families are now available.

Anyone can get Kaiser coverage as long as you live in a Kaiser service area.  You can no longer be denied coverage because of a medical condition, and you don’t have to pass a medical exam to qualify for a Kaiser health insurance plan.

Qualifying Events – Situations which allow you to enroll in a Kaiser plan “outside” the Open-Enrollment period:

  • Divorce, termination of domestic partnership or civil union.
  • Change in full time employment status.
  • Loss of employer sponsored insurance.
  • Voluntary or involuntary termination of employment.
  • Death of parent or spouse.
  • Change in dependent status – i.e. dependent child turning 26.
  • Existing coverage is being changed to a qualified health plan.
  • Marriage.
  • Domestic Partnership (in states which allow).
  • Birth of child.
  • Adoption of child.
  • Placement for adoption of child.
  • Guardianship or court order dependent.
  • Permanent move to a new state.

Be sure to enroll by December 31 to receive a January 1, 2015 effective date.  After that, the next available effective dates are: February 1st and March 1st.  The only way to enroll in a plan after March 1 is if you have a “qualifying event” such as, you are coming off of an employer health insurance plan, or you move to an area where your current plan is not available or if you are moving on or off of MediCal.  There are a few other situations but typically if you miss the Open Enrollment period you will not be able to enroll for the balance of the year.

ACA subsidy levels 2015

4 Levels of Coverage …  With all companies including Kaiser you will see four levels of coverage; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Each level provides a different level of coverage to meet your needs.  Bronze offering the lowest level, while Platinum is the highest.

All plans will offer the “essential health benefits” which are; doctor visits, hospital care, prescription coverage and maternity care, and will include certain preventive care for no charge.

Enrolling “On and Off the Covered California Exchange .. Enrolling “On” the Covered California Exchange is typically for the individual or family who qualify for a subsidy due to their income level.  Individuals and families who do not qualify for a state subsidy, will usually enroll “Off” Covered California (the plans are the same) although the premium amounts are quite different.

  • Is your Deductible too high.  A $25 Accident plan from Assurant will pay you back in cash.  Help with your deductible in the event of an accidental injury.  Get more info here.

Looking for a Doctor Freedom of Choice PPO Plan?  If you are looking for freedom of choice with doctors and hospitals you will want to review the Assurant PPO health insurance plans.  They provide the largest network of doctors and hospitals in the U.S.  You do not need a referral to see specialists, you simply make the appointment and go, it’s that simple.

Health Care … Almost everyone gets sick or hurt, or needs some sort of medical help.  To get better you usually need care, like seeing a doctor or staying in a hospital or taking prescription medications.  Health Care includes many different services such as; Doctors office visits, hospital stays, emergency room visits, X-Ray and Lab, prescription drugs, preventive care, well baby visits, well woman visits, immunizations and screenings.

Health Coverage … Health Insurance is a lot like the insurance people get on their car or home.  Some people get their health insurance through their jobs, while others buy it themselves.  Without insurance, high medical bills can wipe out savings and even lead to bankruptcy.  Insurance helps protect you financially, if you have a serious illness or injury that requires extensive care.

How you Benefit … Peace of mind .. You shouldn’t have to worry how you are going to pay if you get sick, injured or pregnant.  Life is unpredictable, but when you have Kaiser, you have more control and you can rest easy knowing you are going to get the care you need.

Care when you need it .. You can see a doctor when you are sick or just need preventive care like a check up or screening.  You don’t need to ignore symptoms, or hope they’ll go away.  You can get treated before they get worse.

Quick Quote …  Anthem   –   Blue Shield   –   Kaiser   –   Assurant  (Largest PPO Network)

Stay on a Healthy Course .. Preventive care helps you catch minor symptoms before they become problems.  Screenings like mammograms and cholesterol level tests can catch problems early, when they are easier to treat.

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How does an Office Visit Co-Pay work?

First of all, a PPO office visit co-pay works differently than a HMO office visit co-pay.  This causes quite a bit of confusion, especially if a person has come off of a group plan HMO onto an individual PPO plan.  So what’s the difference?  For example, take a Blue Cross of California PPO $1500 deductible plan with a $30 office visit co-pay. When you visit the doctor for an outpatient visit such as; for the flu, or an annual check up, or even a sprained knee from the gym.  As a rule of thumb, you will be responsible for all charges except for the cost of making the appointment.  So if you went to the doctor because of the sprained knee, the visit itself will be covered with your office visit co-pay of $30.  If the doctor says you need an X-ray, “take this slip to XYZ Radiology Associates to make sure there are not any bone chips or a slight fracture.”  The X-ray charges you will be responsible for, which will be credited towards your annual deductible.

Now, your visit is for an annual physical.  Your doctor usually charges $100 for an appointment, but in your case the charge is covered with your plan co-pay.  During the physical your doctor says you should get your cholesterol checked one of the Blue Cross network labs.  That charge will also go towards your deductible.

What about the HMO co-pay, how is that different?  HMO co-pays will usually cover most of the visit costs; the office visit, any lab work and X-ray costs.  An HMO plan co-pay is much more comprehensive in regards to what is covered within the co-pay.

So why would anyone choose a PPO plan?  Two primary reasons:

  1. The monthly premiums for a PPO style plan has a much lower monthly premium then the alternative HMO plan.
  2. Freedom of choice with physicians, specialists and hospitals (over 42,000 providers in California).  If I want to see a particular specialist, or have an operation at a certain hospital, or receive treatment from the most respected medical group, I make an appointment, and go.  I don’t need a referral, I don’t need an approval from a medical group board.  I’m in control.  That alone is why I thing PPO plans offer much more value than HMO plans.

Some PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organization) offer plans with unlimited office visit co-pays, other plans have a limited number of co-pays per year, such as three or five, after they are used you simple pay the cost of the visit.  And others offer no office visit co-pays.

Value for your money.  There are so many plans and companies available today, I understand how comparing plans can be a chore.  I’m here to help.  Within a few minutes I will be able to narrow down the list of plans to just a few for your review.  Making the comparison process much more manageable.  So feel free to call anytime with your question or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Need Help or have Questions?

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Sacramento Health Insurance

Click the button on the left if you would like to compare rates and benefits of plans and companies in the Sacramento area.  We provide the guaranteed lowest prices for your Sacramento Health Insurance plan.  Whether you are an individual, family or small group we are here to help you find the most affordable Sacramento health plan available.

Anthem Blue Cross   –   Blue Shield of California

By clicking Quick Quote you’ll be able to view the most affordable, high quality Sacramento Health Plans.  The rates are guaranteed to be the lowest allowed in the state of California.

There are many new plans available with Anthem Blue Cross, along with Blue Shield plans.  So check them out today to see if you can same some money or improve on your benefits.

Don’t forget about Dental.

Sacramento health insurance plans are some of the most affordable health insurance rates in the state of California. Take a look around, and I’m sure you will be able to find a plan to fit your unique needs.  New plans are being introduced every year, and the newly released plans are usually the least expensive, because they are starting out with a generally healthy block of business.  Also the influx of new premium keeps the claims and loss ratios at a level where they can keep the premiums at a competitive level.  Older plans which have been around for many years are usually the more pricey plans, because the the older block of business has not been underwritten for many years so the loss ratios become elevated, causing the rates to increase and discouraging new business premiums to be added.  O.K enough of the technical talk.  Feel free to look around and compare monthly rates and benefit options.  If you would like me to email you a breakdown of some of the popular plans in your area, simply contact me with your age and zip code and I’ll send the info for your review.

Apply On-Line
Feel free to call anytime with your questions, and if you know of anyone who would like to compare their current Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans please let them know about this website.  Or better yet, have them call, and I’ll be happy to discuss the plans in more detail.

John Conner