Medicare and Health Insurance typically provides NO Coverage Outside the U.S.

Are you or someone you know traveling outside the U.S. on a vacation, cruise, study or work?

As we all know, Medicare provides no coverage while traveling or living outside the U.S., and our individual and group health insurance plans typically provide NO Coverage as well while abroad.

So what do individuals, families, students and employees do to make sure they are properly covered while, vacationing, working, traveling, studying or living outside the U.S.?

Cross your fingers and hope nothing happens?

Either, do nothing, cross your fingers and hope nothing serious happens, or, enroll in a short or long-term Travel Insurance plan offering comprehensive medical coverage for hospital, outpatient, Rx, office visits and emergency evacuation anywhere in the world.

During an emergency or crisis situation, who do you call?  Will your health insurance company help you find the best available hospital near you, will they provide a translator, or pay the hospital direct so you don’t have to?  Will they answer the phone on a weekend or holiday?  Not a chance.  In other words, you are left stranded and left to work it out yourself?

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Car accident, heart attack, slip and fall, stroke … there are so many situations that need an emergency medical evacuation.  If an emergency strikes and you do not have adequate medical services near you, a Travel Insurance policy will provide emergency air transport to the nearest hospital that can properly care for your condition. Transport can take you nearby, to another country or even back to your home for care.  Health Insurance and Medicare do NOT provide Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage.

If you are on a cruise and you experience an emergency which cannot be properly cared for on the ship, you will be off loaded at the next port, either an island or country. At this point it is your responsibility to care for yourself, coordinate care and find medical services on the island or the country you are now in.  In most cases the ship will notify the port town or province and request an ambulance.  Once transferred to the ambulance for transportation, you will need to make the remaining decision for your care.

If you location does not provide adequate care you may need to pay for your own Emergency Evacuation and transportation.  Costs can easily exceed $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the severity of your illness or injury, where you are located and if medical personnel must accompany you on the flight.

Remember these are privately chartered helicopters and jets specifically designed for medical transport.  In most cases commercial airlines do not allow someone to fly with critical conditions.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans

A few days or several years, a Travel Medical Insurance policy provides comprehensive medical coverage, access to a global network of doctors, specialists and hospitals, emergency medical evacuation coverage and a crisis management team available 24/7 to help you in your time of need.

Travel Insurance PLAN TYPES ..

Don’t be stranded during an emergency while in a far away country.


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