Third Country National International Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance for Third Country National’s (TCN) who are employed by a multinational organization and comes from neither the country where the organization has it headquarters, or from the country where the employee is working.

Most third country nationals need a comprehensive International Medical plan but do not need access to the U.S. health care system which drives up premiums.  Many third country nationals dependents are not residing in the U.S. so do not need plans which are HIPAA or Erisa compliant.


U.S. employees on foreign assignment or Expatriates may need access to U.S. doctors and hospitals which can be part of their International health insurance plan options.  Some international health insurance companies will offer a choice whether the member wishes to include U.S. coverage or only international coverage on the policy.

U.S. residents who live abroad and choose to move back to the U.S. can enroll in an “individual” health insurance policy when they return to the states, but may have a small waiting period.  Employees who move back may also have options to enroll in their employer plan.

Popular Long-Term Plan …

Third Country Nationals may also fall into a situation where they are not entitled to an employer health insurance plan, because of their location, or their employment status, such as; an independent contractor, or a certain visa type.  In this case the individual or family can always apply for an “individual” international health insurance plan, which they can take with them wherever they are worldwide.

In order to qualify for a TCN visa, the TCN must prove that they did not violate or overstay the period of their authorized period of admission, as indicated on their Form I-94.  If they did, they are not eligible for the Third Country National processing and must  apply in their home country. Third Country National processing is also off limits to citizens of the three countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism: Iran, Sudan and Syria.

Also available are International Medical insurance plans for “Host Country Nationals.”  Who are employees who are hired in their own country by international companies from outside their home country.

International Health Insurance coverage options for Third Country Nationals includes coverage for; U.S. inbound and outbound coverage. Short and long-term, along with coverage options which includes access to U.S. doctors and hospitals or only international coverage without U.S. coverage.

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