Sacramento Group Health and Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance and Employee benefits in Sacramento County for the employer with 1 to 100 employees.  Flexible benefits and payment options for the employer who provides medical coverage for their employees.

Sacramento Businesses with 1-100 employees are able to provide small group health insurance plans to their employees.  If you have questions about your current plan or would like information on a new company plan, call anytime at 916-682-1117.

Can the Employer reimburse employees for “individual or family health insurance plans?

Reimbursement for individual plans is no longer allowed. This arrangement is is subject to a $100 daily excise tax, or fine per employee ($36,500 per year, per employee). Yikes.

I provide help with …

  • Open-Enrollment
  • Rate Comparison
  • COBRA Administration
  • Change Plan or Company
  • Anthem, Aetna, Kaiser, United Health Care, Blue Shield.

4 Common Group Health plans employers choose:

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) This is one of the two most popular Group Plans.  With a PPO the true benefit is the ability to have freedom of choice with doctors and hospitals.  Although there is a network of contracted providers with a PPO, the member has the freedom to choose. You will always pay less out of pocket costs when you see a provider who is in the PPO network.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) This is the other most popular plan.  The benefit of an HMO is you have much lower out of pocket costs compared to a PPO style plan.  An HMO typically has a very low or no annual deductible, and copay amounts. The big difference is when you enroll in an HMO you need to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who is typically a general practitioner or internist from a list of contracted doctors.  This PCP organizes you health care, meaning when you need see a specialist or have a medical procedure, your PCP will refer you to the appropriate doctor or facility within the same medial group.  With an HMO you do NOT have freedom to choose different doctors, your PCP will refer you to different specialists.

EPO (Exclusive Provider Network) An EPO looks and feel a lot like a PPO plan, but the big difference is you must stay within the contracted network of providers.  There is no coverage outside of the companies EPO network except for emergencies.  Be very careful with an EPO, because you may be referred or have a medical procedure and one of the doctors may not be an “contracted” doctor, which means you will be paying that doctor for their services.

HSA (Health Savings Account)  This is a 2-part plan.  Fist you have a high deductible health insurance plan which must be HSA qualified.  The second part is the Health Savings Account, which is a special bank account which allows you to deposit money pre-tax, and use these funds for medical expenses tax free.  If used properly, this is a very good way of saving on you premiums and paying for care.  The HSA bank accounts can be opened at most financial institutions; banks, mutual funds, brokerages, etc.

Sacramento employers who offer group health to their employees know that health insurance is one of the most important employer-provided benefits currently offered in the workforce. If you are thinking about offering this benefit, or are reevaluating your insurance needs, consider which group insurance benefits are right for you. Call today for a free comparison 916-682-1117.

Optional Employee Benefits …

  • Dental … PPO and HMO dental plans are available, with many plan benefit options.
  • Vision … Several popular vision companies and plans for your company employees.
  • Life Insurance … Group life is also a widely used employee benefit.  Low premiums and high life insurance benefits are the attraction.
  • Disability … Short and Long-term group disability plan provide this much needed benefit.
  • Long Term Care … Many companies take advantage of the “guarantee-issue” LTC policies available to employees, management and ownership.

Looking for a new Group Health policy or a free comparison, call today. I’ll be happy to help.

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