Sacramento Dental Insurance Plans

The right Sacramento dental plan will definitely help keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy, along with saving money for most dental services and procedures.

Some of the plans you will want to compare are; Anthem, Delta, Blue Shield, National General and Mutual of Omaha.  All work with large networks of contracted providers, lowering your overall cost by 25% to 40%, simply by seeing a network dentist.

Anthem Dental for example has 620 contracted dentists in the Sacramento metro area.  Greater flexibility, access and choice for different dental specialists in all area of town.  You are not limited to one or two dentist when doing your search.

If you would like to know if your dentist is contracted with one of the major dental companies, please contact me anytime, I’ll be happy to check for you.

Anthem Dental Plans:

monthly rates:

  • Please contact me for the correct enrollment forms.

If you would like to view the other available Sacrament area dental plan such as; Delta and Blue Shield, just let me know.  I can send you the brochure or answer your questions.

Most plans include 2 free cleanings and check ups per year, along with a full-mouth x-ray once per year.

Cavities and filling are normally covered at 80%, and the major services such as crowns, root canals and surgery are covered at 50%

The different plans and companies have little differences so be sure to check with me before you enroll yourself or family.

Some plans have different rate structures and depending on the number of family members enrolling, one plan may be more cost effective than another.

Individual, family and employee dental plan which can be started anytime of the year.  PPO’s, HMO’s and fixed benefit plans which allow you to see any dentist and receive a specific benefit amount mailed to you for the dental procedures provides.  Dental Plan Info

PPO, HMO & Fixed Benefit plans

–  You will always pay less with a quality  dental plan for yourself, children or family.

  • PPO Dental = massive local, state and national networks to freely move around.  Most likely your dentist is contracted with a Dental PPO.
  • HMO Dental = a fraction of the dental network size, and you are not able to freely move to different dental offices, although the plans typically do not have waiting periods for many services.

Try to stay within the PPO Network:

Remember, with a Dental PPO, even though you have freedom of choice with dentists, it’s wise to stay within the PPO network.  The plan pays much more towards your costs, than if you receive dental services from a non-contracted dentist.

Please contact me anytime with questions or more information.

John Conner

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