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John Conner

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  1. I Jenny, I emailed the different Medicare Supplement Plan A rates and companies to you. Texas is a Plan A only state for under age 65 Medicare members.

    Hope this helps. Thanks .. John

  2. Hi John. I am looking for medigap coverage for my under 65 brother in Texas (77380). He began receiving SSDI November 2013 after having a stroke earlier in the year and just became eligible for Medicare A & B November 2015. We have signed up for prescription drug coverage but are struggling to find any companies in Texas offering supplemental insurance for under 65 people at a reasonable rate. Can you send me some prospects for our zip code? I would appreciate it.


  3. Do you have a supplement that compares to plan f UnitedHealth care ? What is the difference in plan f
    and high plan f ?

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