Pleasanton & Livermore Medicare Supplement Plans

Pleasanton and Livermore, both in Alameda County are rated in the same area for Medicare Supplement plans.  Typically northern California rates are more favorable than their neighbor to the south.

You will see quite a difference in rates north of the Grapevine when comparing the different companies and medigap plans.

In this case both Pleasanton and Livermore will be on the lower end of the rate spectrum depending on the plan and company you are reviewing.

Anthem’s new Innovative Plan F has been popular with the lower premiums and added vision and hearing benefits for it’s members.

enroll Year Around:

Anytime of the year.  If you are not in an open-enrollment period, simply answer the health questions on the application and apply for a plan.  If you are new to medicare you will have a 6 month open-enrollment which allows you to enroll in any medicare supplement and plan available in your state.

If you are leaving an employer health insurance plan you will be offered a 2 month open enrollment.  If you have a Medicare Advantage plan and move outside of their service area, you will be offered a 2 month open-enrollment.

There are actually quite a few situation which allow for an open enrollment.  But then again, if you are relatively health, just apply and see what they say.

Switch to Blue Shield:

If you currently have a Medicare Supplement, you can move to Blue Shield at anytime of the year without answering any health questions on the application and be approved regardless of your health status.  Blue Shield

Medicare Part D Rx plans

If you currently have a Medicare Part D Rx plan you will need to keep it until the next open-enrollment period which starts every year on October 15 and ends December 7.  All changes during this time, have an effective date of January 1.  Part D plan info.

If you are new to medicare, you have a 3 month open enrollment which allows you to enroll in any of the 25 Part D Rx plans in your county.  If you would like a little assistance in comparing Part D plan, please let me know, I’ll be happy to help.


When seeing an Anthem in-network dentist you will enjoy a 25% to 40% savings right off the top, because of the contracted rates.  These savings are also available during waiting periods, when you’ve gone over your yearly limit or when you’ve used up your benefits.

Your dental costs will also be reduced even more with the plan insurance coverage.  Along with over 87,000 contracted dental offices nationwide.  Dental plan info.

Medicare Stops at the Border …

When you leave the U.S. for work or pleasure, your coverage does not follow you.  Domestic health insurance and medicare provide little and often no coverage outside the U.S.  Make sure you and your family are protected.  International Medical Insurance

If you, a family member or are planning to move, work or study abroad, be sure to look into the very important international health insurance plan options.

Remember, with a medicare supplement policy, you have access to all of the Bay area hospitals, clinics, doctors and specialists who accept Medicare.  That is approximately 95% of all providers.

Want to receive services from a specialist in a different state?  If they accept Medicare, your medicare supplement will pay.  It’s that simple.

Need a coverage upgrade, call today.

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