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Looking for a Medicare Supplement Plan F or N in Orange County. Compare rates and plan benefits.

Orange County Medicare Supplement rates vary from other parts of California.  They seem to be very competitive compared to Los Angeles or San Diego.  If you would like to view the different company rates in Orange County, simply click on the company links below, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Orange County Medicare Supplement Rates:  Click Here

If you are new to Medicare or looking to switch companies and have questions, please feel free to call anytime.

Finding a financially sound Orange County Medicare Supplement company with good customer service and a competitive premium is what you should be looking for.  Remember Medicare is divided into four parts.  Part A which has a $1,316 benefit period deductible, deals with hospice, home health care and hospitalization.

Part B ($183 deductible) are the Doctors visits supplies and other outpatient care services.  Part C are the Medicare Advantage (PPO & HMO) plans.  Part D is the Medicare prescription coverage.  A Medicare Advantage plan like the Anthem plans (click here) insurance which takes the place of Medicare A and B.  Medicare Advantage plans will also often time include Part D prescription drug service.

Medicare Part D Rx plans You will also need to enroll in a separate Medicare part D Rx plan, which will help you pay for your prescription costs.  A good place to start you search is right here.  Simply email a list of your current medications along with the dosage and frequency.  I’ll enter the information into the Medicare system, to come up with the top 3 plans for your prescription list.  The results will show the best three plans for coverage and cost for your medications.  I will then email the results to you.

Medicare Supplement policies on the other hand provide coverage which works with Medicare and covers the deductibles and coinsurance not payed for by original Medicare.  There are ten plans to choose from, and the levels of coverage are different for each plan.  F being the most popular Orange County Medicare Supplement simply because of the comprehensive coverage it provides.

Important …
  • Each company sets their own rates.
  • You must have Medicare A and B in order to purchase a Medicare Supplement policy.
  • Your policy cannot be cancelled, even for health reasons, as long as you continue to pay the premium.
  • Each policy covers one person, so you and your spouse will have separate policies.
  • The Medicare Supplement premiums are the same whether you use an agent or enroll direct with a company.
  • You will need to buy a Medicare Pard D Rx plan.  Prescription plans are not included with a Medicare Supplement.
  • Guaranteed Issue – “Initial Enrollment period” (when you become age 65 or when your Medicare Part B is effective.  The “Birthday Rule” (California) every year on the month of your birthday you can change companies with no health history requested – Learn more here.

Enroll … Once you decide on a company, the enrollment process is quick and easy.  Once completed, sent the form back to me for processing.  I’ll do the rest to make sure your enrollment is done correctly and on the date you specify.

Feel free to call or email anytime with your questions.

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