Oklahoma Medicare Supplement Plan F G N Rates

Oklahoma is another state which the Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and Mutual of Omaha offer some of the lowest rates available .  When comparing different companies, be sure to include those three with your review.

Low prices are usually very good, although not always the best!

What I mean by that is, when looking for a Medicare Supplement plan, there are three key factors to consider; 1) Premiums, 2) Member Services and 3) Financial rating of the company.

Claim processing is not as important as you may think because whenever you see a doctor or hospital,the claim goes to medicare not the insurance company.  So, you should always try to find out how good a companies customer services is, because when you need answers or have a problem which needs fixing, the last thing you need is a company which does not respond to your requests.

Billing, a reimbursement, an un-authorized cancellation of your policy, replacement ID cards, whatever it may be, you want the company to quickly and correctly take care of the issue!

As an Independent agent, I also look for companies which are not only competitively prices, but also superior Medicare Supplement services departments.  Departments which I can call and get a response quickly and accurately.  So I definitely have my opinions on which companies are; very good, good, and sub-par.  Feel free to call anytime so we can discuss your situation.

Another competitive Oklahoma Medicare Supplement company which you should be aware of is Mutual of Omaha. All Medicare Supplement policies have certain “guaranteed-issue” rules which you may be able to apply to your current situation.

Medicare Part D Rx … You will need to also purchase a Medicare Part D Rx plan to cover your prescriptions.  Prescription plans are not included with Medicare Supplement plans.  Each county has approximately 25 Part D plans to compare.

The results will show the monthly plan premium, how much of a copay is for each of your prescriptions along with what the anticipated out-of-pocket amount will be.  It’s quite informative, if you can navigate the website.  Each plan will cover medications differently, this is why it is a good idea to compare Part D plans every year during the open enrollment periodCall me if you have any questions.

The most popular Medicare Supplement plans in Oklahoma are; Plans F, G and N.  Plan G is identical to Plan F, except G does not pay for your Medicare Part D annual deductible of $185 per year.  So be sure to compare the rates and if Plan F is more than $185 in premium per year, you may want to consider Plan G.

There are several plans and companies to compare, so please feel free to call or email anytime with your questions.  I’m here to help.

Call today, I’ll answer all of your questions right over the phone.  No obligation.

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