Oil and Gas Industry International Medical Insurance for Abu Dhabi

The Oil & Gas industry in Abu Dhabi which is the center of the petrochemical industry in the United Arab Emirates UAE.  With the rising oil prices Abu Dhabi companies will most likely start rehiring many of the layoffs from the downturn in 2016.

Many of these employees, contractors and third country nationals will be comparing, reviewing and enrolling in quality long-term international medical insurance while on the job outside of their home country.


Much of the new employment opportunities in Dubai, will also be for the Dubai Expo in 2020.  The new massive Infrastructure being planned and build out will provide great opportunity for many industry groups such as, building, construction and maintenance.  HR professionals are also in high demand along with sales and marketing.

The UAE isn’t always just about the Oil and Gas industry, finance, IT, manufacturing and health care also carry a lot of weight in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

Before accepting a new employment opportunity with your current company or with a new company, make sure you have your international health insurance in place and is being provided by a sound and established insurance company familiar with the middle east and surrounding health care access points.

Employers and HR who are sending employees, contractors or third country nationals to Abu Dhabi can either start or add them to their “Group” international medical plan or if you only have a handful working abroad, you can enroll them in “Individual” international medical policies.

There is only limited medical underwriting and the enrollment is very quick and easy.  No, group administration other than the monthly premium payment.

Some international medical companies are a “one policy fits all” design. You can only change the deductible.  This may work for you and your employees but other International Medical Companies offer a “modular” approach to their plans, with more flexibility to fit your needs and budget.

The “modular” approach is; you have a “core” benefit package which includes hospital, inpatient, MRI Cat Scans, Lab/X-Ray, Psych coverage maternity and Cancer treatment.

Then you are offered “Optional” modules to fit your needs.  Outpatient module – this includes the typical outpatient types of visits. Some choose to go without this module because where they are in the world offers very inexpensive doctor, chiropractic, and physical therapy visits and care.

Emergency Medical Evacuation module is also optional.  I would take this one.  It’s very important to have med-evac coverage which will fly you to a locale that can properly care for your needs, or even back to your home country for care.

Preventive & Well-Being module, again many will go without this one, because the area they are living provides annual physicals and mammograms for a very affordable price.

Dental & Vision module – well that’s up to you.  The benefits are very good, but it depends on where you are living and working if a module like this makes sense.

If you are looking and or comparing International medical plans, I will be happy to give you my opinion on some of the different companies you are looking at.

Contact me anytime with questions.

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