National General Dental Plans for Individuals and Families

National General Fixed Benefit Dental Plans for Families. A fixed benefit reimbursement plan is another popular plan type.  Where you can go to any dentist (no network to fuss with), and depending on the dental services received you will be reimbursed a fixed amount payable to you.

Each dental service has a listed reimbursement amounts.  Such as; cleanings, x-ray, tooth extraction, root canal, bridges and crowns.  This type of plan is becoming very popular, because of the access it provides.

National General Dental is one of the more popular companies providing Fixed Benefit dental plans nationwide.

Get cash to help pay for dental checkups and treatments.

Add our Careington Network Savings Card to your plan to save an average of 45% on dental care — on top of the cash benefits from this plan — when you visit in-network providers.

Let’s do some math

Getting a crown is considered a Major dental service, which is covered under the Plus level plan. If you need one, the average price of getting a crown is about $1,100, Yeah, not fun. Combining this Dental plan with our Network Savings Card can significantly reduce this cost and save your bank account from financial shock.

  • Treatment Cost – $1,068
  • Total with Network Discount – $721
  • Dental Plan Benefit – $450
  • Total Cost to You – $271

Your Dental benefit and network discount would save you $797 on the crown.

Careington Dental Network

Another option with National General Dental is to use their Careington Dental PPO network for even deeper discounts even during waiting periods.


The National General plans are great for the person or family who do not have a dentist who is in a network or wish to be able to see any dentist without to worry of a network.

Or, use the Careington network of dentists and lower your out of pocket costs even more.

You will always come out ahead with a quality dental plan for yourself and family.  Use it as a reimbursement policy or traditional ppo.

Enroll in a plan today and enjoy the benefits the first of the following month.

Please contact me anytime with questions.

John Conner

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