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Mutual of Omaha, United of Omaha or United World all fall under the Mutual of Omaha umbrella of companies depending on the State you reside.  In Oregon it’s United of Omaha andthey are hard to beat!  The Oregon United of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans, depending on your zip code will most likely be the lowest of all Medigap carriers.  There may be one or two companies with a lower premium for certain age groups or zip codes, but overall the United of Omaha plans are extremely competitive.

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Mutual of Omaha …

A+ financial rating, decades of Medicare Supplement experience along with proven excellent customer service, the Mutual of Omaha companies provide unquestionable stability and competitiveness in the Medicare Supplement market place.

Doctors & Hospitals …

With Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan, you are able to see any Physician, Specialist and Hospital in the United States if they are Medicare approved.  You no longer need to verify if your doctor or hospital accepts a particular insurance company or plan.  With a Medicare Supplement all you need to do is make sure they are Medicare approved.  No need to worry about state borders or insurance provider networks, simply make sure your doctor accepts Medicare and your medical services will be covered depending on the plan you have chosen.

Medicare A & B first …

In order to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan you must first have in force both Medicare Parts A and B.  You will be given a Medicare card with both Parts effective dates.  Once your Part B goes into effect you will have 6 months to enroll without having to answer any health or prescription questions on the application.  This 6 month window is called the “Initial Enrollment Period,” which is a guaranteed-issue period.

Medicare Supplement …

Every Medicare Supplement policy must follow Federal and state laws designed to protect you, and the policy must be clearly identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.”  Medigap Insurance companies in most states can only sell you a “standardized” Medigap policy identified by letters A through N.  Each standardized Medicare Supplement policy must offer the same basic benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it.  Cost is usually the only difference between Medigap policies with the same letter sold by different insurance companies.  In Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Medicare Supplement policies are standardized in a different way.

What Medicare Supplement policies don’t cover …

Generally, Medigap policies don’t cover long-term care (like care in a nursing home), vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, and private duty nursing.

Medicare Part D Rx plans …

You will also need to enroll in a Medicare Part D Rx plan for your prescription coverage.  The best place to start is right here!  You can email your medication list to me with the name of the drug, dosage and frequency.  I will enter the information into the Medicare website, and email the results to you.  The results will show the top 3 plans in your county, which provides the best coverage for the lowest cost for your prescriptions.  Please call anytime I am happy to help.  Click here for Part D info.

And remember my services to you are FREE!  Call anytime (800-700-1246) with questions.

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