Merced Medicare Plans

Medicare plans in Merced (Merced County) are mainly Medicare Supplement plans F, G and N.  In 2017 there are also two Medicare Advantage plan which are both HMO style plans.

Some of the hospitals near Merced you have access to with a Medicare Supplement policy:  Mercy – UC Davis, Franciscan Healthcare, Valley Children’s, Mercy Medical Center and, University Surgery Center.

Example Rates:

If you are new to Medicare Part B, you have an open enrollment which allows you to enroll in any available plan, medicare supplement, medicare advantage or Part D Rx plan.

New to Medicare – open enrollment:

  • Medicare Supplement – 6 month open enrollment period.
  • Medicare Advantage – 3 month open enrollment period.
  • Medicare Part D Rx – 3 month open enrollment period.

Medicare Advantage Plans:

Medicare Advantage plans have an annual open enrollment period each year which starts October 15 and ends December 7.  Changes and new enrollments take effect on January 1.

Every year you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan during this open enrollment period.  Regardless of what you currently have in place, you can simply enroll during the annual open enrollment period.

Medicare Supplement:

Medicare Supplement plans do not have a traditional annual open enrollment period.  If you have been on medicare and are not in any open enrollment period, a Medicare Supplement can still be applied to, but you will need to answer the health, prescription and doctor questions regarding your current and past health status.

The medicare supplement company will review your health status and either accept you as a new member or decline your application.

Medicare Supplement policies have several open enrollment opportunities, you can view them here:  Guarantee Issue Rules.

Part D Rx:

The Part D Rx plans have a 3 month open enrollment for anyone new to medicare.  They also have an annual open enrollment period which starts October 15 and ends December 7.

This is for anyone who has a stand-along Part D plan, and wished to compare other plans and companies. Any changes will have a January 1 effective date. Most counties will have 25 to 30 Rx plans to choose from every year.

If you need help with the comparison, please let me know, I will be happy to forward the comparison to you.

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