Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rates

mutual of omahaCompare your Mutual of Omaha Plan F & N rates here.  If you would like to compare the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement rates please feel free to click on the appropriate state below.  I have also included other Medicare Supplement company rates for your convenience.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rates  (California)

The Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement rates above are for the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, United of Omaha Insurance Company, United World Insurance Company and Omaha Insurance Company.

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Guarantee Issue Rules ... Do you qualify for a Medicare Supplement Policy?  Are you in a Guarantee-Issue situation? New to Medicare, coming off of an Employer Group Health plan, is your Medicare Advantage plan being canceled?  These and many more “qualifying events” allow you to enroll in to a Medicare Supplement plan of your choice … guaranteed.

Medicare Part D Rx plans Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans do not include the Medicare Part D Rx plan, so you will need to enroll in a separate Medicare part D Rx plan, which will help you pay for your prescription costs.  A good place to start you search is right here.  Simply contact me and I’ll help you find the best Part D plan for your medication list.

Any Doctor or Hospital who accepts Medicare With a Medicare Supplement plan, you can see any doctor or hospital who is Medicare-Approved in the U.S.  No need to check insurance company physician directories or search which plan accepts your doctor.  If your doctor is Medicare-Approved, simply make the appointment and go.  Also you won’t need a referral to see a specialist.  Access to medical care is one of the great options of having a Medicare Supplement plan.

If you are ever Hospitalized, you need to be aware of the term; Observation Status. This is being admitted into the hospital as outpatient, even if you are there for several days.  This may have expensive consequences.  Click here for more info.

Mutual of Omaha Plan Highlights …

  • Your Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement policy is guaranteed renewable.  It cannot be canceled.  It will be renewed as long as the premiums are paid on time and the information on your application is correct.
  • Your Medicare supplement benefits will automatically increase as Medicare deductibles and coinsurance increase, so you can be sure your benefits will never decrease.
  • You cannot be singled out for a rate increase, no matter how many times you receive benefits.  Your premium changes; (a) each year on the renewal date coinciding with or following the anniversary of your Policy Date until you reach age 99; and (b) when the same premium change is make on all in-force Medicare supplement policies of the same form issued to persons of your classification in the same geographic area where the policy was issued.
  • Your coverage begins immediately.  There is no waiting period for preexisting conditions.  Benefits will be paid from the time your policy is in force.
  • Your Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement policy enables you to see any doctor or hospital in the United States who accepts Medicare.
  • Your coverage goes with you … Just like Medicare, your Medicare supplement covers your health care needs anywhere in the United States.  With some other health care plans, there may be charges for care no matter where you go.  Carefully check all the plan’s travel rules and restrictions.


Enroll Today and Start Saving … Call and I’ll send you the appropriate Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement enrollment forms.  The enrollment process typically takes a couple weeks.  When complete the company will send you an ID card along with a plan policy.  I will help you through the enrollment process to make sure it is quick and accurate with your desired effective date.

Choosing the right plan and company can be a difficult task as there are so many companies offering several different Medigap plans.  Feel free to call me and I’ll be able to narrow down you search to a couple companies within a few minutes.  Also, if you like, I can send you an information kit to help with your decision.  If it’s just an application you are looking for, let me know and I’ll email you the appropriate forms to enroll.

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47 thoughts on “Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rates”

  1. Hello, what is your zip code and email and I can send you the benefit breakdown for the services you mentioned. Also, Mutual of Omaha does not include Silver Sneakers fitness program with their Medicare Supplement plans.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  2. We signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan in Dec. We would like to switch to a Medicare
    supplemental F policy with Mutual of Omaha.. They said we can do that by Feb 14. No extra charges?
    we know we would have to sign up for a prescription plan. I can’t find a place where it tells me exactly
    what screening it covers. vision screening, yearly wellness, surgery, shots hearing screening/
    Does F cover silver sneaker memberships? according to the person I talked too, it covers all of the
    above. Is that correct?

  3. Hi Charles, yes, typically companies offer a “withdraw” period, where you can cancel within the first couple weeks with no questions asked and all initial premiums are returned. If you have questions about other companies please let me know. Thanks .. John Conner.

  4. Hi John,
    I signed up over the phone for AARP medicare plan F. I have changed my mind and now see that this one is much higher than others in my area. They are mailing me the contract to sign and return to them. Can I cancel out now before it becomes effective without any problems.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Barbara, in order to change plans or companies you will need to answer the health questions on any Medicare Supplement application. Depending on your current health status you may or may not qualify for a new lower rate. Feel free to call or email and I will be happy do discuss your options.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  6. I have humana medicare supplement plan b and it is 349 a month was told it was being raised to 30% in july 2012, Ii will be 65 in feb 2013 and wondered if I could get a cheaper policy before then, I can not afford to pay 104 more a month, I received an email from medicap 360 telling me it was going up that much.
    tell me if there is another plan cheaper I can purchase till I get 65
    my zip code is 41701


  7. Hi Todd, it all depends on where you file your federal income taxes. If you file them in Texas, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the state. You can enroll with most carriers.

    Contact me anytime for more information.

    Thanks … John Conner

  8. Hi John:
    I am turning 65 in June 2012 and live full time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with a mail drop in Laredo, TX. Our family and friend support network is in Dallas, TX. For me, Medicare coverage needs are for catastrophic illness (heart surgery or cancer etc.)… we just pay other minor medical expenses out of pocket in Mexico. For me, the hospital network and the access to high-quality doctor network is more important than size of deductibles. I also just wish to have a future marker for Plan D … I currently have extensive medicine needs but not living in USA precludes me from taking advantage of medicine purchases because can’t be mailed to Mexico.

    I believe our neighbors in San Miguel recently set up Mutual of Omaha Plan F and Walmart Plan D for their coverage … they used Baylor Hospital in Houston “International Concierge Desk” to coordinate their doctor and hospital services appts on annual trip to Houston.

    What do you recommend, if we wish Dallas area to be our home base for fulfillment of our medicare services needs? Thanks. Todd

  9. Hi Ellen, Dental coverage is not included with Medicare Supplement plans. You will need to look into a “stand-alone” dental plan in your state.

  10. I have Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supply Plan F and I would like to know if I have dental insurance with #971963-27.

    Thank you,

    Ellen Humphrey

  11. Hi Barbara, Mutual of Omaha does not offer the Silver Sneakers program, although other companies have optional packages which can be purchased which include Silver Sneakers. Feel free to contact me and I can send you the appropriate info.

    Please call if you have any questions.

    Thanks … John

  12. John, I currently have an advantage plan that pays for Silver Sneakers membership at the Y. I would like to change to a conventional plan and wonder if M of O has this coverage. I live in MO and have had the advantage plan almost a year. 65 year old non smoker. Thanks.

  13. Hi Jean, Medicare Supplement plans do not include Dental/Vision/Hearing coverage. These would be considered stand-along plan(s). You can find a good dental plan in the $30 range. Regarding “Vision & Hearing” plans, there may be decent “employer” or group coverage in certain areas, but in most cases, the “individual” plans are not worth the premium.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks … John

  14. Hi, John. I live in zip area 84093 and turn 65 in May 2012. The company I retired from will pay $164/mo towards a medical supplement plan plus part D drug plan. It will not cover any additional dental,vision or hearing plans. Are there any companies that include the dental,vision, and hearing within their plan F so I could get the coverage without having to pay for it separately out of pocket? Thanks, Jean

  15. Hi Martin, in this case I would go with the low priced company, Blue Shield. The long term rate adjustments don’t mean much here in California because of the “Birthday-Rule,” which allows a person to switch Medicare Supplement companies every year on the month of their birthday. So every year you can check to see who has the lowest rates for your plan, and not have to answer any health or prescription questions on the application. Hope that helps.

    If you would like an application for any of these companies or have questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

    Thanks … John Conner

  16. Hi John,

    I am just turned 65 and having researched all plans extensively for zip 91401, have pretty much decided on a regular Supplement F plan + Humana/Walmart Rx plan ($15/mth approx premium, more for a marker into Part D, since I only take 10mg Lipitor drug currently).

    My research indicates these are the best choices below for me. Blue Shield has a $20/month first year discount but are noted for high rate increases over time. AARP is the most expensive but averages 3.2% increases in my area. I’m leaning towards the United of Omaha Life Insurance Company. Any thoughts on the relative performance of each of these, vis a vis Customer Service/Satisfaction etc?

    Company Name Monthly
    State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company $145.61
    Anthem Blue Cross $154.00
    Health Net Life Insurance Company $155.00
    AARP United Healthcare $158.37


  17. Hi Allen, Mutual of Omaha updated their rates for Oklahoma the first of this year, so I wouldn’t expect another adjustment until later this year or early next. As far as coverage, you will not experience any difference in benefits, since all “F’s” are the same. Although the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans do not include dental or vision (These coverages can be added). Claims are paid the same, because all claims go directly to Medicare. Allen, please feel free to contact me anytime so we can discuss your options.

    Thanks … John Conner

  18. My Mom is 72 years old residing in OK and currently paying $180/mo. for BCBS Plan F. She has been extremely happy with BCBS but recently a Mutual of Omaha representive contacted her to offer savings of $50/mo. if she switched to them! Since Plan F by law has to be the same for both carriers, what am I missing?? Will she still receive the outstanding customer service she’s used to? Do both Plan F’s cover dental/vision? I noticed that MOO rates increase with age — is that the same for BCBS? Are MOO rates scheduled for an overall increase soon (as some of your other respondents have indicated)? Thanks, Al

  19. Hi Jimmy, yes Nebraska is having a rate change effective 1/1/2012. So if you complete the applicaiton befor the first you can lock-in the current rate for 12 months.

    If you would like the application please let me know.

    Thanks … John Conner

  20. John,

    Can I sign up for the medicare supplement F with Mutual of Omaha, today, if my 65th birthday is in May 2012? I was told that there is likely to be a rate increase as of 1-1-2012, if I sign up I will get the lower rate? True?


  21. Hi Carol, it will be better to compare in February or March, that time will give you a better idea of who will be the most competitive for you. If you like I can contact you then, or feel free to connect with me and we’ll go through the rates and Part D plans.

    Thanks … John Conner

  22. Hi John – I am turning 65 in May 2012 and am looking at various options online for a med supp. I live in zip code 75025 (Texas). My concern is what the rates are right now may be not what they are in May. Do you happen to know of any rate changes in the past 3-5 months or any rate revisions anticipated in the next 3-5 months for companies such as Blue Cross, New Era, United Healthcare and Woodmen of the World? Also which of those companies do you represent as I assume I could go through you if I decide to go with one of those. Friends have told me Woodmen & Mut of Omaha either just took or are going to take rate increases shortly but I don’t know anything for sure on that.

    Thanks John!

  23. Mutual of Omaha Plan F
    Zip is 80103

    I want to know if we would have to answer a medical questionaire if we switch. Please answer that question first.

  24. i have mutal of omaha but i signed up in idaho and i know live in ariz do i have to change or just keep the same policy

  25. Hi Dorothy, what plan/company do you currently have and what is your zip code. I’ll check on your options.

    Thanks … John Conner

  26. Both my husband and I have a policy but would like to switch and go with one that has a lower rate for the same plan. Can we do that without answering medical questions? We both have medical issues. (Obviously, since I am 63 and on medicare.) I wonder if we are uninsurable and have to stay put.

  27. Hi Dorothy, here are the best rates for Plan F in your area (80103):
    Gerber – $120.93
    Sentinel Security – $125.11
    Anthem – $132.10
    Mutual of Omaha – $170.36

    Dorothy please call if you have any questions.

    Thanks .. John Conner

  28. Hello John, I have just turned 65 and am looking for plans for when my husband retires in January. My sister has Mutual of Omaha but I just heard that they are having a 20 percent increase in prices This Week. Anything to this? Thanks

  29. Hi Marc, in the state of Florida it is pretty tough moving to another Medicare Supplement plan for under age 65 Medicare Supplement members. You may want to look at the different Medicare Advantage plans in your area.

    Marc on this web page you may want to review the “Guaranteed-Issue guidelines under “Quick Links,” and review “Trial Right.” This may help.

    Thanks … John Conner

  30. i am 56 years old and live in Florida , zip 33569 on ssdi for 8 years have med supplement but it keeps
    going up in price ,is there a company that i can get new med supplement at a better price and upgrade to f
    i know have b and it is 425 gerber looks like f is 344 but can not get any information on it

  31. Hi John, My husband and I both have Gerber MOO Plan F. I am 63 and he is 72, both non smokers. We pay a total of $265 per month for the two of us. When I checked your chart and add up the monthly rates for us it adds up to $560. That is double the amount we pay. Is the rate going up that much in 2012?

  32. Hi John,
    Looking for parents, 86 & 89 non-smokers. They are in Texas, Denton, County. Trying to decide between a Humana PFFS and a Mutal of Omaha supplement. Part D is with Humana. They both have heart conditions and see specialists at leasts 4 – 5 times a year, last year we had 3 Er visits and had a Sterling PFFS. I moved them and can change their coverage at this time. What plan would you suggest? or any others?

  33. Hi,
    Ilive in Portsmouth, VA 23704 and I’m trying to decide between selecting BCBS and Mutual of Omaha. I don’t know anyone who uses M of O in my area and I wonder if doctors here will look at it like BCBS. I would be taking Plan F….I don’t take drugs but think I need a drug plan…someone suggested getting a drug plan with humana.

    Any suggestions? I am 66…I have humana now and am changing as soon as I decide.

    Thank you,
    Andrea Graham

  34. Hi Thelma, if your plan is at least 3 years old, you have an older “Standardized” plan. The Medicare Supplement industry went through a few changes as of 6/2010. The new plans are called “Modernized” Medicare Supplement plans. Depending on your state, some of the older “Standardized” plans have gone through much more frequent and higher rate increased than the current plans. At the time of change you should have received notice of the changes and offered to transfer to one of the new plans.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Thanks … John Conner

  35. My husband and I have Mutual of Omaha
    Coverage and as of now our premium togather is 547.28,
    Can you tell me why it is so much most are 1/2 what ours is.

    My Coverage #356868-99
    Name: Thelma Audrey Parsons
    Coberage Type: Medicare Supplement: Plan D

    James H. Parsons Sr.#356869-99

    It has gone up last three years Why?
    We do not smoke or drink.
    Would appreciate your reply.

  36. Hi Roger, Mutual of Omaha does not have a High-F plan. Not sure about Blue Cross of Texas. New Era High-F is $44 /mo. and American Continental is $69. (Those are Dallas rates. Your area may be a bit higher or lower). Send me your zip and I’ll forward the correct rates. High F’s work great for a low cost safety net.

    If I can help please let me know, and feel free to call anytime.

    Thanks … John

  37. Age 64 (Texas) looking at Mutual of Omaha v. Blue Cross. Healthy and think F-high deductible the prudent choice, since I only see Doctor for annual checkups, and a $2000 medical cost in any one year is not an issue. Presently have a Blue X individual policy with $3500 deductible which has worked out fine.

    The Blue Cross has a standard rate & a medicare select rate which limits available hospitals. Does the Mutual of Omaha also have a required provider network, or are they “any hospital” & “any doctor”?

  38. Hi Mike the Gerber rate is $325.08 for the Plan F, while the Mutual of Omaha monthly rate is above that. Neither company offers a High Deductible plan F. The High F plans have a $2,000 annual deductible up front then 100% after.

    Regarding the Part D Rx plans, if you send my your list of meds with the dosage, I will forward you the top three plans in your county for your prescriptions. Mike please feel free to call anytime with your questions.

    Thanks … John Conner

  39. Hi John – I wanted to find rates for Mutual of Omaha “F”. I live in Florida and my zip is 321xxx. I was brought to a site that read; “Gerber Life Ins”. Is this the same as Mutual of Omaha? Anyway, the rate was $325.08 per month for non-smoker. I am 59 and 1/2, and I collect SSDI. Is this what I am looking for? Is Gerber Life and Mutual of Omaha the same? Also, what is the difference between an “F” plan and a “high deductible F plan” ? The rate chart shows a Part A deductible of $1,132 and Part “B” deductible of $162 and a Coins of (20%). Am I reading this correctly? Also, at this point in time I am not collecting a pension, but I am seriously considering it. What affect will that have on me if any? I am also looking for a Rx plan. I will be getting Medicare on 9/1/11. Whatever info you can give me will certainly be appreciated. Thank you, Mike

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