Medicare Supplement Rates in California

Are you Medicare eligible and living in California?  If so you have many great options that benefit you when looking for a new or different Medicare Supplement plans.

If you are new to Medicare Parts A and B and find Medicare to be a confusing maze of paperwork, brochures, cover letters from your current health insurance company and other forms and mailings which you don’t understand or have the time to read.

This process doesn’t have to be that hard, in fact once you clear away the unnecessary minutia you will find Medicare and the plan options which improve Medicare to be a very easy system to navigate.  If you would like a little help, or would like to view the different Medicare Supplement rates in California.

Depending on the city in which you live; Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego or any other city or region of California, the Medicare Supplement rates in California will depend you your current Zip Code or County you live in and your current age.

Medicare Supplement rates in California are age and Zip Code sensitive, Medicare Advantage plans like the Anthem MediBlue Medicare Advantage plans, You can compare the difference between a Medicare Supplement plan and Medicare Advantage plans by clicking the link above.

Medicare Supplement plans in California have been the same for several decades, on the other hand Medicare Advantage plans change every year. Medicare Supplement plans rarely change and are federally standardized, meaning a Plan F for a company in California must provide the same benefits as any other plan F in the United States.

Medicare Advantage plans which are typically HMO style plans have been popular for the person looking for a cheap plan with good benefits. Although with a Medicare Advantage HMO, you will not have freedom of choice with physicians or hospitals.  Whereas with a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan you can see any doctor or hospital in the U.S. who accepts Medicare.

What are your costs?  With a Medicare Supplement plan in California you will have a monthly premium for the Supplement.  You will also need to purchase a Medicare Part D Rx plan to cover your prescriptions.  Plan F will cover virtually all of your Medical costs, so you will not have any out of pocket expenses.  The Part D Rx plan will cost approximately $15 – $40 per month, depending on your current medications.

Looking for Medicare Advantage?  With a Medicare Advantage plan like the Anthem MediBlue HMO or PPO plan.  With the MediBlue Plans you will have office copays, maybe a deductible to satisfy but will include the Part D Rx plan at no additional cost.  Your out of pocket maximum with the Anthem Medicare PPO plan of approximately $6350, which include all of the copayments, percentages and deductibles.  If a member happens to satisfy the “out of pocket maximum” at that point Anthem will pick up the rest at 100% of approved charges for the remainder of the year.

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