Medicare Supplement Plan N Rates in San Jose

Medicare Supplement Plan N is the lowest prices plan out of the top 3 medicare supplement plans (F, G & N).

Depending on your age and zip code and the company, your savings with Plan N compared to Plan F can be significant.  Anywhere from $50 up to $150 per month savings with the plan N.

Plan N Monthly Savings:  $50 up to $150

Finding a Medicare Supplement plan in the San Jose California area is easier then ever.  Rates and plan information are right at your fingertips, you can compare the San Jose Medigap rates, and see who are the competitively priced companies in the South Bay area.

Most people living outside of this area think of San Jose as the heart of the modern day Silicon Valley.  They don’t realize San Jose was the first California civilian settlement founded in 1777 as the Pueblo of San Jose.  It was also the first State Capitol of California.

The new Anthem Innovative Plan F includes “Vision” and “Hearing” benefits – Click here

The reason I mention this is, San Jose is the third largest city in California behind Los Angeles and San Diego, so with this, a person looking for Medicare insurance will have plenty of options.  So many options that the research and comparison shopping can become quite confusing and time consuming.

Most who are considering a San Jose Medicare Supplement plan will look at the prices first.  There is typically no reason to go with a company who is more expensive.  You will most likely not gain any extra services simply because the premium is higher.

Medicare Supplement Companies

Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, Blue Shield, Health Net and UnitedHealthcareSee all the rates here

4 Parts to A Medicare Supplement:

  1. First you will need Medicare Part A, which is the Hospital coverage (this typically starts automatically when you start Social Security).
  2. Second you will need to enroll in Medicare Part B, outpatient services and medical equipment.  The annual deductible is $183 then you owe 20% of medicare part be costs.
  3. Third is your Medicare Supplement plan from the company of your choice.
  4. Fourth is to enroll in a Medicare Part D Rx plan to help pay for your prescription drug costs.

That’s it.  It may seem like a lot, but once you are on medicare for about a year, this will all make sense.

Enroll …  It’s simple, once you choose a company and plan, I can help ou through the enrollment process and make sure the process is quick and accurate, with your desired effective date.

Don’t Forget About Dental

Anthem Dental for all ages.  When you see an Anthem dentist your overall bill will be reduced by 25% to 40% right off the top.  Then the insurance coverage reduces another 50% to 80% depending on the services received. Click here for Dental info.

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