International Medical Insurance for Oil and Gas in Latin America

Oil and Gas employees, independent contractors, third country nationals and executives all need International Medical insurance while working and living in Latin America.

In the event of an accident or illness while on the job or off, your International Medical plan is designed to pay so you don’t have to. Hospital, outpatient, lab & X-ray, emergency evacuation, Rx, surgery, Dr. visits and much more.


Plus access to quality english speaking doctors and specialists worldwide.

All divisions of the oil and gas industry in Latin America are covered with an international medical plan. Including; exploration and production, storage and transportation, refining, pipelines, booster stations and compressor stations.  And don’t forget about Human Resources.


Working in a large city or remote location, international medical can provide not only desperately needed medical care but also access to the best most qualified specialists and surgeons available.  If adequate medical is not accessible, companies like Cigna Global will medi-vac you to a city, state or country that provides the quality care you need.

Many hospitals in Latin America won’t even admit you in the event of an emergency unless you have either a high limit credit card or an international medical insurance ID card from a reputable insurance company.  Domestic insurance is not looked upon favorably outside of the U.S.  It simply doesn’t pay for enough services and reimbursement takes too long for it to be reliable international insurance.

Living in a new location

If you are new to a country or location, most likely you are unfamiliar with were to go for medical treatment, the language may be a barrier or there are simply no westernized facilities available.

Experienced global medical insurance companies provide mobile applications to help locate doctors, view their profiles, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments, provide common medical term translations along with other useful information.


Need help?  You have phone access to advisors, translators and risk managers for mild concerns up to emergency situation.  Access to experienced, professional help is at your fingertips.

No matter what you choose, your globally mobile employees will be covered virtually wherever they go.  Even if they get relocated.  And to make the return home less stressful – for you and them – they’ll have a period of time where their Cigna Global plan covers them at home.

You’ve Got Options … In addition to our global health offerings, you can add dental, long-term disability, life and evacuation / repatriation coverage.  Create the ultimate benefits package by adding all of them, or pick and choose what’s best for your company.

Evacuation / Repatriation … If an emergency strikes, our evacuation / repatriation policy ensures that your employees get transported to a facility that can handle their needs.  Medical evacuation is a critical benefit, insuring your employee of dependent family member is transported to a facility that can properly care for their medical emergency.  To a hospital nearby, to another country or back home for care. This optional benefit is payable at 100% and has no deductible. Medical coverage is required for this optional benefit.

Call today for more information regarding long and short-term international medical coverage.

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