International Medical Insurance for Oil and Gas in Latin America

Oil and Gas employees, independent contractors, third country nationals and executives all need International Medical insurance while working and living in Latin America.

In the event of an accident or illness while on the job or off, your International Medical plan is designed to pay so you don’t have to. Hospital, outpatient, lab & X-ray, emergency evacuation, Rx, surgery, Dr. visits and much more.

Plus access to quality english speaking doctors and specialists worldwide.

All divisions of the oil and gas industry in Latin America are covered with an international medical plan. Including; exploration and production, storage and transportation, refining, pipelines, booster stations and compressor stations.  And don’t forget about Human Resources.


Working in a large city or remote location, international medical can provide not only desperately needed medical care but also access to the best most qualified specialists and surgeons available.  If adequate medical is not accessible, companies like Cigna Global will medi-vac you to a city, state or country that provides the quality care you need.

Many hospitals in Latin America won’t even admit you in the event of an emergency unless you have either a high limit credit card or an international medical insurance ID card from a reputable insurance company.  Domestic insurance is not looked upon favorably outside of the U.S.  It simply doesn’t pay for enough services and reimbursement takes too long for it to be reliable international insurance.

Living in a new location

If you are new to a country or location, most likely you are unfamiliar with were to go for medical treatment, the language may be a barrier or there are simply no westernized facilities available.

Experienced global medical insurance companies provide mobile applications to help locate doctors, view their profiles, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments, provide common medical term translations along with other useful information.


Need help?  You have phone access to advisors, translators and risk managers for mild concerns up to emergency situation.  Access to experienced, professional help is at your fingertips.

No matter what you choose, your globally mobile employees will be covered virtually wherever they go.  Even if they get relocated.  And to make the return home less stressful – for you and them – they’ll have a period of time where their Cigna Global plan covers them at home.

You’ve Got Options … In addition to our global health offerings, you can add dental, long-term disability, life and evacuation / repatriation coverage.  Create the ultimate benefits package by adding all of them, or pick and choose what’s best for your company.

Evacuation / Repatriation … If an emergency strikes, our evacuation / repatriation policy ensures that your employees get transported to a facility that can handle their needs.  Medical evacuation is a critical benefit, insuring your employee of dependent family member is transported to a facility that can properly care for their medical emergency.  To a hospital nearby, to another country or back home for care. This optional benefit is payable at 100% and has no deductible. Medical coverage is required for this optional benefit.

Call today for more information regarding long and short-term international medical coverage.

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Human Resources (HR) and International Employee Benefits

The Human Resources (HR) department is typically the area where International employee benefits are introduced and implemented, such as long-term and short-term International Medical Insurance or Business Travel Accident (BTA).

Some international medical policies will need underlying domestic health insurance in place, others do not.

Individual & Group International Medical

If your company only has a few employees traveling working and living abroad, an individual and family international medical plan will most likely be advised.  For larger numbers of global employees the company can implement an international group medical plan for employees on short-term and long-term global assignments.

An international medical plan should always include; hospital services, outpatient, emergency evacuation, rx, Dr visits along with lab and X-Ray.

Business Travel Accident (BTA)

Some multinational companies will choose to go with a Business Travel Accident (BTA) policy. This can work well for medical coverage as a result of an accident. The policies will also include emergency evacuation along with some reimbursement features for luggage and lost expenses from cancelled flights/hotels etc.

The BTA premiums will typically be lower than a full international medical plan, because most do not include “illness” coverage, and there is typically a maximum benefit per trip.

Domestic Health Insurance provides very little and often NO coverage when outside the U.S.  Worse yet, if an emergency strikes and you need a medical evacuation or need to be flown home for care, international medical provides this coverage while your domestic group health plan does not. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services can cost upwards of $100,000 depending on your location, the distance to care, and if a nurse or medical staff is necessary during the flight.

A One-Call Solution for any issue

Some international medical insurance companies have concierge-level service for it’s members.  Global services are available 24/7/365 to assist members with anything from arranging direct pay, coordinating an emergency evacuation or getting the proper follow up care.  For Human Resource administrators, the right policy is readily available to help you assist your employees while on their foreign work assignment.

The One-Call solution along with the mobile app, which is available with certain companies, allows the employee to receive or send vital information or connect directly with the company for assistance.  This communication is a much needed asset for the employee and their family while living abroad.

If help is needed during a holiday, over the weekend or late at night, can they call their domestic carrier?  Is HR open or available to assist?  Global assistance is one of the many assets International medical companies provide.

If you have a unique situation with an employee, independent contractor or third country national, feel free to contact me anytime.  I’m happy to assist with your international medical, group or individual needs.

Questions or more information?

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U.S. Employee International Medical Insurance for Mexico City

U.S. Employees and contractors who work and live in Mexico City will need long-term International Medical insurance to pay for medical services along with providing access to care while living and working in Mexico.

Individual or Group International Medical:

Employers can offer either an International Group Medical plan or if they only have a few employees, contractors or third country nationals on a long term work assignment, they may choose to place them on international individual and family plans.

The coverage, benefits and access to care is all similar, although the individual plans have a little less administration to get started.  Although there is limited medical underwriting with individual policies, where the Group plans are guarantee-issue regardless of the employees health status.

your HR department may offer these two options; individual or group. Depending on the Intentional Medical Insurance company providing the policy, you may enjoy more comprehensive coverage than your domestic health insurance plan, along with a much lower premium.

Your International policy can provide worldwide coverage excluding the U.S., or you can choose to include U.S. coverage and have access to all BCBS doctors and hospital in all 50 states.

A popular Employee option …

Has been to choose an International Family medical plan with U.S. coverage.  This replaces your domestic health insurance policy, which provides excellent global coverage including in the U.S. and provides better coverage with lower rates then your Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) plan.


  • Individual – Individuals & Family – Long & Short-Term plans.
  • Group – 2 or more global employees, independent contractors, Third Country Nationals.
  • Student – High School, Jr, College, Trade School and University – Students & Faculty.


  • Inpatient, Outpatient, Prescriptions and much more.
  • Access to the world’s largest health network – with more than 1 million doctors and hospitals across the globe.
  • Fully compliant plans.  We are experts in helping choose or design globally compliant solutions that are cost-effective and comprehensive.
  • 24/7/365 access to our Service Center and in-house team of international doctors and nurses.
  •  This innovative website is loaded with features that help you manage your benefits and help your globally mobile employees get the answers and care they need.
  • The option to speak with a counselor about mental, emotional and general life issues through the international Employee Assistance Program.  Help is available anytime.
  • Quick claims payments.  More than 90% of clean customer claims are paid in 10 days or less regardless of language or currency.
  • A success rate of nearly 100% in establishing guarantees of payment on behalf of customers to doctors and hospitals around the world.
  • Additional “above and beyond” services that include remote second opinions from the Cleveland Clinic, international pharmacy fulfillment, and much more.

No matter what you choose, your globally mobile employees will be covered virtually wherever they go.  Even if they get relocated.  And to make the return home less stressful – for you and them – they’ll have a period of time where their Cigna Global plan covers them at home.

The international medical company you choose may provide direct pay, which means, they have a global network of doctors and hospitals, and will pay they direct so you don’t have to.  If you choose a doctor or hospital not contracted, the company will do their best to still pay the providers direct, to save you the hassle of waiting for reimbursement from your employer.

Many international companies do not provide “direct pay,” but a select few will offer this terrific benefit.

The Mobile App for U.S. Employees:

Make sure your international company provides this!

With the mobile app … world travelers have convenient access to so many handy features while abroad.

  • Search providers for medical, dental, or mental health care and map them using GPS technology.
  • Arrange direct pay for future appointments to secure cashless access to care.
  • Access Guarantees of Payment to view and share with others including doctors and hospitals.
  • File a claim either by entering information in the app or by sending a photo of a completed form.
  • Find a medication’s availability, generic name, and local brand name.
  • Translate medical terms and phrases for many symptoms and situations; use the audio feature to play the translation.
  • Display an ID Card on a smart phone and fax a copy directly to provider’s office.

The Mobile App is a must when traveling through out Mexico.

Group or Individual … International Medical insurance comes in many forms. Make sure you are properly covered and protected for what your unique needs.


John Conner

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Long Term International Medical Insurance in France

For anyone needing a Long-Term International Medical insurance policy for France, there are several requirement you need to be aware of to satisfy your Schengen visa.

Travel and vacation visa’s a difficult to come by if you wish to stay longer than 90 days.  But if your stay is for employment, the work visa will allow your long term work stay in France.

Long-Term Work Visa ..

If you’re planning on working for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a long-stay visa, which also acts as your residence permit.  With the approved visa, family members can also accompany you during your long term stay.

The EU Blue Card is for highly skilled workers. This is a one to three year work visa which can be renewable.  After five years, you’re eligible for the renewable, 10-year, long-term EC residence card. Family members can get a private and family life residence permit, allowing them to work and after five years, they too are eligible for the long-term EC resident card

The France medical insurance requirement:

Along with other required documents needed to get a Schengen visa, all applicants have to present a medical insurance policy valid for the 27 European country Schengen territory.

A letter from your insurance company is required. This letter has to mention that you will be covered in Europe for any medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses during your whole stay.

GeoBlue and Cigna Global both meet the Schengen visa coverage requirements.

The international medical coverage travels with you wherever you may be. While in France, you work assignment may take you to other European countries.  Weekend trips outside of France or extended vacations anywhere worldwide.  You’re covered!

24/7/365 Help ..

With access to 24/7/365 member help line, to assist you with an emergency, finding a doctor, locating a facility, or any other situation you may be in while outside of your home country.

Mobile App ..

You can also use the mobile app on your phone or tablet. This excellent tool is the most convenient way to access the best local doctors, hospitals and resources:  Search providers and request an appointment.  Find medication availability, translate medical terms and phrases and use the audio feature to play translation as necessary.  View your ID card and fax a copy directly to doctors to confirm eligibility.


When your employees are outside the U.S., who do they call when a medical issue strikes?  Their Human Resources (HR) department, their insurance company, who is probably closed at the time.

Is your health insurance customer service department available in the evening or weekends?  Do they have translators available, will they tell you where the nearest hospital is, will they coordinate an emergency medical evacuation.  Of course not.

For information regarding an International Medical insurance plan, group or individual, please contact me anytime.

John Conner

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Human Resources Recommends Long Term International Medical Insurance

Human Resource professionals can’t go wrong when they recommend long-term International Medical insurance for their employees working and living abroad.

Your employees look to you for advice and recommendations when taking a foreign assignment.

  • Where should I live?
  • Are there schools near for my kids?
  • What kind of license do I need to drive?
  • What about income tax?
  • Who do I call during an emergency?
  • Are there certain customs I need to be aware of?
  • Do I need medical insurance for my family?

These and many other questions need to be addressed before departure.


International Medical insurance for your employees provides the protection, benefit coverage and risk management services for your foreign workforce.

If an emergency strikes while abroad, you don’t want your employees calling you.  That is not your responsibility.  Their international medical carrier is available 24/7/365 to assist them in any medical situation.

From locating a doctor or hospital, to paying for illness and injury costs such as; surgery, dr. visits, Rx, maternity, lab & x-ray, and coordinating emergency medical evacuations.

If an emergency strikes over a weekend, will your work comp or domestic health insurance company answer the phone, let alone help with the situation at hand?  No they won’t.  Then who is the next call going to .. HR.

The International medical carrier, is the goto contact when medical assistance is needed.  They are the experts familiar with the international medical market, country specifics and locations of quality critical care units and facilities globally.

Don’t leave your employees stranded and without communication.  If they need help and it happens to be over a weekend, during evening hours or on a holiday, your employees will have instant access to professional help and guidance 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.


Employer Group Plans – Contractors – Third Country Nationals – International Students – Global Families


Companies with global employees are providing comprehensive short and long-term international medical insurance benefits for their employees while working and living abroad. Employers and HR departments are using both International Group plans along with Individual and family international medical plans to properly cover their employees, contractors and third country nationals while working outside of their home country.

With more than a handful of global employees, an “international group” plan may work best because of the “guarantee-issue” enrollment opportunity.


The Mobile App .. An Innovative Online and Mobile Tool …  Most convenient way to access the best local doctors, hospitals and resources: Search providers and request an appointment.  Find medication availability, translate medical terms and phrases and use the audio feature to play translation as necessary.  View your ID card and fax a copy directly to doctors to confirm eligibility, all at your fingertips.

Please contact me anytime for more information.


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Living Outside the U.S. for 90 Days or More – International Medical

If you happen to live outside the U.S. for more than 90 days per year, you may qualify for an International Medical Insurance plan which covers you worldwide, including coverage in the U.S.

An International Medical insurance plan will most likely provide better coverage and better access to doctors and hospitals than your current Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) policy.  And depending on the state you live in, the International plan premium will typically be much less than what you are currently paying for your family health insurance plan.

Long Term International Medical Plans:

Affordable Care Act plan premiums continue to rise at a dramatic rate. Alternatives, such as an International Medical plan option may be a good opportunity for the right family situation.

U.S. Coverage:

Not all International medical insurance companies provide U.S. coverage. Some will offer only limited amounts of time allowable within the U.S.

Underwriting .. Medical Approval:

Choose a company that “underwrites” their policies before the policy is approved.  With this type of approval, the company will review your health status before providing either an approved or declined policy.  With this policy, the company pays the claims without going through the review.

Most International medical companies will underwrite at the “time of claim.”  This can be very tricky when you submit an illness or accident claim. A company can receive the claim and say, the condition was a pre-existing condition not mentioned at the time of enrollment, therefore it will not be covered.  “Claim denied.”

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage:

Make sure your policy includes “Emergency Medical Evacuation” coverage.  With some policies this is optional.  This crucial coverage will transport you to a facility that can properly care for your illness or accident.  If that means transporting you in an air ambulance to another country, or even back home for care.  Domestic health insurance will not cover International med-evac.

An example is; if you are in a rural location and an emergency strikes, though the nearest medical facility is not capable of caring for your injury. The International Medical Insurance 24 hour help line is notified, they then coordinate the proper land and air medical evacuation service to transport you to the nearest modernized facility for care, which may be in another country, continent, or back to the U.S.

90 Days:

The ninety days outside the U.S. does not have to be continuous.  As long as the total number of days adds up to 90 day, you and your family are eligible for the policy. The policy is annual renewable, meaning, at renewal as long as the premium is paid and you are outside the U.S. for at least 90 days, the policy automatically renews year after year.


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Starting a Group International Medical Insurance Policy for Employees

Starting a Group International Medical insurance policy for your company’s global employees, contractors and third country national’s is quite simple.  And you don’t have the start-up administration we see with our domestic group health plans.

Two types of Group plans:

1) Short-Term International, for companies with employees who have trips abroad for less than 6 months.  2) Companies with employees working and living abroad for longer than 6 months.

Both need only 2 employees or independent contractors to start a plan. Payroll records are not necessary to prove employment.

Employees, Independent contractors and Third Country Nationals are all eligible for International Group Medical Insurance coverage.

Short-Term Group Plan ..

  1. Global employee trips lasting up to 180 days.
  2. You need at least 2 employees working outside the U.S.
  3. Full time employees and independent contractors are eligible. (Payroll records not necessary).
  4. Employees/contractors working 20 or more hours per week.
  5. Employer application.
  6. Employee application for each covered employee.
  7. Choose the plan.

That’s all it is. Quick and easy.  The enrollment is processed in about a week, ID cards and policy information is mailed, and coverage is put in place.

Example – Short-Term Group International Medical Plans:

  • Coverage for U.S. and non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country (including those coming into the U.S.).
  • Easy-to-administer blanket coverage.
  • Comprehensive plans including medical evacuation, hospitalization and sick visits.

long-term group Plans …

  • 2 or more global employees.
  • Deductible Options: $0, $250, $500, $1,000, 5,000
  • Unlimited annual and life time limits.
  • Co-Insurance: 100%, 90%, 80%.
  • Hospital, Outpatient, Maternity, Rx, Lab/X-Ray, Dr. Visits, Cancer Care.
  • Dental – Vision (optional).

Adding or Removing Employees from the policy

To add an employee to the international medical policy, the employee application is submitted and processed.  To Remove an employee a simple “change form” is quickly processed.

Changing Plan Options or Features

To change the plan(s) offered to your international employees, this is typically done on the policy anniversary date. If plan options must be changed outside of the anniversary month, a request to change can be submitted and reviewed by the company.

Mobile App …

mobile-appWith the mobile app … world travelers have convenient access to the so many features:

  • Search providers for medical, dental, or mental health care and map them using GPS technology.
  • Arrange direct pay for future appointments to secure cashless access to care.
  • Access Guarantees of Payment to view and share with others including doctors and hospitals.
  • File a claim either by entering information in the app or by sending a photo of a completed form.
  • Find a medication’s availability, generic name, and local brand name.
  • Translate medical terms and phrases for many symptoms and situations; use the audio feature to play the translation.
  • Display an ID Card on a smart phone and fax a copy directly to provider’s office.


Selecting the right Group International Medical Insurance can make your life a lot easier.  Some companies don’t go down to 2 employees, other do not offer direct pay to global doctors or hospital, and others do not have contracted networks of doctors and hospitals, they piggy back or rent the network from other companies, which means they are not actually screened and contracted providers to that company.

Domestic health insurance provides a miserable amount of coverage to employer groups, individuals and their family members when working or living abroad.

Typical Group Health coverage provides:

  • No Emergency Evacuation or Repatriation coverage.
  • No Crisis Management during an emergency.
  • No coverage due to Terrorism.
  • No Evacuation coverage because of natural disaster.
  • No 24/7/365 member support.
  • No coverage for outpatient care, Rx, maternity, lab etc.
  • International medical Insurance provides this and so much more.

Don’t leave your Global Employees Stranded

When your employees are outside the U.S., who do they call when a medical issue strikes?  Their Human Resources (HR) department, their insurance company, who is probably closed at the time.

Is your health insurance customer service department available in the evening or weekends?  Do they have translators available, will they tell you where the nearest hospital is, will they coordinate an emergency medical evacuation.  Of course not.

  • Individuals and Family International Medical plans  Click Here


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Long Term International Medical Insurance for Employees in South America

Employees on long-term foreign assignment and living in South America will need to carefully review the medical plan they are taking with them.  Most if not all domestic health insurance policies fall drastically short of benefits when you cross the U.S. border.  Workers compensation policies also lack the ability to properly cover its member while in foreign lands.

International health insurance companies are specifically designed for this global medical insurance market. Make sure you take along a policy fit for the needs of a person living away from their home country for several months up to several years.

Some International Health Insurance companies have an “App” for any mobile device which allows you to easily search for and locate; doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, medicine equivalents, medical translations, embassies, emergency information and much more.

Great for anyone traveling abroad; Employees, contractors, students, missionaries and expatriates.

The Mobile App will:  Request and schedule an appointment, find doctors and specialists, find prescriptions and medicine, translate medical phrases and terms and even fax your ID card to a local doctor or hospital.

Countries of South America which you will want to consider International Health Insurance: Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

International Health Insurance policies are for:

  • Employees – living and working abroad.
  • Students studying and living outside their resident country.
  • Group International – multinational companies with medical exposures in multiple countries.
  • Global Families – vacationing and or living around the world.
  • Missionary work.
  • Employees, contractors, Third  Country Nationalsworking in High Risk and conflict areas.

Obtaining healthcare in some parts of the world can be tricky. Some hospitals won’t provide any treatment–or won’t allow a patient to be discharged–until the hospital has received a guarantee of payment. Such guarantees are commonly provided by travel insurers, in conjunction with assistance providers, but rarely by other insurers or managed care plans. This means you’ll have to pay in advance, perhaps as much as tens of thousands of dollars, with your credit card. Of course, for this to work the hospital must accept foreign credit cards and your card must have a sufficient credit limit.

  • Starting an International Group plan for your employees – click here

In addition, remember that leaving your destination–for a place with higher quality medical care or to return home where your regular insurance is accepted–can be difficult. Medical evacuations are tricky to arrange and there are some air ambulance providers who should be avoided.

Worse, local authorities may have financial ties to certain evacuation companies. The solution? Most travel insurance includes a medical assistance benefit, which is critical. It gives you 24/7/365 access to a company that will arrange an evacuation for you with a creditable evacuation company–or, through their medical personnel, can help assure that you’re getting appropriate treatment locally.

The assistance company will also be available to help with other travel related problems such as legal troubles, lost passports or credit cards, etc. Emergencies are rare but everyone should have a contingency plan.

Medical Emergency Abroad …

If you are experiencing a medical emergency abroad and need air transport, with one call, your GeoBlue International Health Insurance company will coordinate and arrange all of your transportation needs.  With domestic health insurance you will be responsible for arranging everything from a “field rescue” to the ground ambulance transportation, to the air transport to a hospital or back home.

Air transportation to a different country if you need it.  What if you are taken to a hospital that is not up to your standards, or they cannot properly treat you condition.  With one call GeoBlue will coordinate your transportation to a medical facility which can properly treat your condition, even if it means flying you to a different country, or maybe back home.

International Students .. Employees on foreign assignment .. Expatriate .. Family vacation .. anyone working, studying or living abroad.  Call today for more information and help finding the right plan for your unique needs and time away.

John Conner

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Defense Contractor International Long Term Health Insurance

Defense contractors with employees, independent contractors and Third Country Nationals typically have work assignments scattered around the world.  Short-Term and Long-Term International Medical plans are a much needed resource while they are working, training and living abroad.

Global Medical for U.S. Defense Contractors

  • Comprehensive Worldwide Medical Coverage.
  • Hot Zone and High Risk areas.
  • 24/7/365 Multiple language concierge member services.
  • Emergency Evacuation services included.
  • Hospital, Outpatient, Rx, Physical Therapy, Lab, X-ray, Surgery etc.
  • Global network of English speaking Doctors and hospitals.
  • Accident and Illness coverage.
  • Defense Base Act coverage benefits and limits.
  • War, Terrorism and Political risk coverage.

If you typically face significant and diverse hazards while abroad, you may have unique concerns when it comes to accessing care quickly or providers who can properly care for your injury or illness. Quality International health insurance carriers help you through any of these difficult situation.  Either with 24/7 concierge service to answer questions, help you find local doctors or hospitals, or arrange an emergency air evacuation.  Your Global Medical company is a trusted friend when working and traveling anywhere worldwide.

Regardless of your occupation or service industry, we’ve got you covered wherever you are in the world. Global aerospace, defense industry, construction, tech, oil & gas, aviation, education or humanitarian relief, and so much more.

An Employee who agrees to a foreign work assignment will often be enrolled in a long-term “individual” expat plan.  If a multinational company has 5 or more employees working and living abroad, a “group” plan may fit your needs.

Remember … the domestic employer health insurance policy does not provide comprehensive medical benefits outside their home country.

For example; An employee takes a couple monthly prescriptions and likes to take advantage of yearly preventive screenings and exams, also need physical therapy on a sore shoulder or knee.  These services would not be provided with the U.S. employer health plan.  Another example is; the employee is very active and enjoys recreational sports and outdoor activities and wants to be able to see a doctor and have it paid for, if they happen to twist their knee hiking, have a minor biking accident or any other non emergency event.  Also not provided with the employer plan.

Mobile App …

Communicate with Confidence As a member, your computer or mobile device becomes a powerful translation tool. Our database consists of over 5,000 commonly used medical terms and 4,000 medical health phrases in dozens of languages.

It’s easy to find the term or phrase you need, and once you do, audio files allow you to play a precise translation in the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Translate brand names or find generic, and get accurate dosing information in the world’s top destinations. Equivalency Guides cover the most commonly used and prescribed medicines. If you can’t find the medication you need, our Global Health and Safety team can help.

So don’t think of it as just one more thing to carry with you, but something to carry you past medical misunderstandings. Make sure your company provides the best tools available to navigate the complexities of healthcare and arrive at the best decisions for personal care.

REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT … Search the international provider community and request an appointment directly from the app. Coordinate the appointment with the specific doctor you requested, or find the most convenient and appropriate doctor for your situation.

FIND DOCTORS & SPECIALISTS … Quickly locate the right doctor, dentist, mental health professional, hospital or clinic using GPS or an entered location when planning for a trip. See providers mapped and get directions.

FIND YOUR MEDICATIONS … Use the proprietary drug equivalency guide to learn whether your medications are available and what they are called all over the world. Then find a pharmacy nearby.

TRANSLATE MEDICAL PHRASES AND TERMS … Your doctor may speak English, but the hospital staff, taxi driver or hotel concierge may not. Use translation tools to find and translate key medical phrases and terms. It even lets you play them for other to hear.

FAX YOUR ID CARD … Your GeoBlue member ID card is built into the app, and you can fax it directly to providers to confirm eligibility.

Please contact me anytime with questions or more information.

John Conner

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Third Country National International Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance for Third Country National’s (TCN) who are employed by a multinational organization and comes from neither the country where the organization has it headquarters, or from the country where the employee is working.

Most third country nationals need a comprehensive International Medical plan but do not need access to the U.S. health care system which drives up premiums.  Many third country nationals dependents are not residing in the U.S. so do not need plans which are HIPAA or Erisa compliant.

U.S. employees on foreign assignment or Expatriates may need access to U.S. doctors and hospitals which can be part of their International health insurance plan options.  Some international health insurance companies will offer a choice whether the member wishes to include U.S. coverage or only international coverage on the policy.

U.S. residents who live abroad and choose to move back to the U.S. can enroll in an “individual” health insurance policy when they return to the states, but may have a small waiting period.  Employees who move back may also have options to enroll in their employer plan.

Popular Long-Term Plan …

Third Country Nationals may also fall into a situation where they are not entitled to an employer health insurance plan, because of their location, or their employment status, such as; an independent contractor, or a certain visa type.  In this case the individual or family can always apply for an “individual” international health insurance plan, which they can take with them wherever they are worldwide.

In order to qualify for a TCN visa, the TCN must prove that they did not violate or overstay the period of their authorized period of admission, as indicated on their Form I-94.  If they did, they are not eligible for the Third Country National processing and must  apply in their home country. Third Country National processing is also off limits to citizens of the three countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism: Iran, Sudan and Syria.

Also available are International Medical insurance plans for “Host Country Nationals.”  Who are employees who are hired in their own country by international companies from outside their home country.

International Health Insurance coverage options for Third Country Nationals includes coverage for; U.S. inbound and outbound coverage. Short and long-term, along with coverage options which includes access to U.S. doctors and hospitals or only international coverage without U.S. coverage.


John Conner

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