Human Resources Recommend GeoBlue International Medical Insurance

Human Resource professionals can’t go wrong with a GeoBlue International Medical insurance policy when their employees, contractors or Third Country Nationals who are on a foreign work assignment.

Your employees look to you for advice and recommendations when taking a foreign assignment.

  • Where should I live?
  • Are there schools near for my kids?
  • What kind of license do I need to drive?
  • What about income tax?
  • Who do I call during an emergency?
  • Are there certain customs I need to be aware of?
  • Do I need medical insurance for my family?

These and many other questions need to be addressed before departure.


GeoBlue International Medical insurance for your employees provides the protection, benefit coverage and risk management services for your foreign workforce.


If an emergency strikes while abroad, you don’t want your employees calling you.  That is not your responsibility.  Their international medical carrier is available 24/7/365 to assist them in any medical situation.

From locating a doctor or hospital, to paying for illness and injury costs such as; surgery, dr. visits, Rx, maternity, lab & x-ray, and coordinating emergency medical evacuations.

If an injury or illness occurs over a weekend, will your work comp or domestic health insurance company answer the phone, let alone help with the situation at hand?  No they won’t.  Then who is the next call going to .. HR.

GeoBlue, the International medical carrier, is the goto contact when medical assistance is needed.  They are the experts familiar with the international medical market, country specifics and locations of quality critical care units and facilities globally.

Don’t leave your employees stranded and without communication.  If they need help and it happens to be over a weekend, during evening hours or on a holiday, your employees will have instant access to professional help and guidance 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.


Global Families – Employees – Contractors – Third Country Nationals


Companies with global employees are providing comprehensive short and long-term international medical insurance benefits for their employees while working and living abroad. Employers and HR departments are using both International Group plans along with Individual and family international medical plans to properly cover their employees, contractors and third country nationals while working outside of their home country.

With more than a handful of global employees, an “international group” plan may work best because of the “guarantee-issue” enrollment opportunity.


The GeoBlue Mobile App .. An Innovative Online and Mobile Tool …  Most convenient way to access the best local doctors, hospitals and resources: Search providers and request an appointment.  Find medication availability, translate medical terms and phrases and use the audio feature to play translation as necessary.  View your ID card and fax a copy directly to doctors to confirm eligibility, all at your fingertips.

No Cost Help … there is no charge for my services.  The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help with coverage options, enrollment and service.

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Medicare Options along with Individual and Group International Medical Insurance Options.