Human Resources (HR) and International Employee Benefits

The Human Resources (HR) department is typically the area where International employee benefits are introduced and implemented, such as long-term and short-term International Medical Insurance or Business Travel Accident (BTA).

Some international medical policies will need underlying domestic health insurance in place, others do not.

Individual & Group International Medical

If your company only has a few employees traveling working and living abroad, an individual and family international medical plan will most likely be advised.  For larger numbers of global employees the company can implement an international group medical plan for employees on short-term and long-term global assignments.

An international medical plan should always include; hospital services, outpatient, emergency evacuation, rx, Dr visits along with lab and X-Ray.


Business Travel Accident (BTA)

Some multinational companies will choose to go with a Business Travel Accident (BTA) policy. This can work well for medical coverage as a result of an accident. The policies will also include emergency evacuation along with some reimbursement features for luggage and lost expenses from cancelled flights/hotels etc.

The BTA premiums will typically be lower than a full international medical plan, because most do not include “illness” coverage, and there is typically a maximum benefit per trip.

Domestic Health Insurance provides very little and often NO coverage when outside the U.S.  Worse yet, if an emergency strikes and you need a medical evacuation or need to be flown home for care, international medical provides this coverage while your domestic group health plan does not. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services can cost upwards of $100,000 depending on your location, the distance to care, and if a nurse or medical staff is necessary during the flight.

A One-Call Solution for any issue

Some international medical insurance companies have concierge-level service for it’s members.  Global services are available 24/7/365 to assist members with anything from arranging direct pay, coordinating an emergency evacuation or getting the proper follow up care.  For Human Resource administrators, the right policy is readily available to help you assist your employees while on their foreign work assignment.

The One-Call solution along with the mobile app, which is available with certain companies, allows the employee to receive or send vital information or connect directly with the company for assistance.  This communication is a much needed asset for the employee and their family while living abroad.

If help is needed during a holiday, over the weekend or late at night, can they call their domestic carrier?  Is HR open or available to assist?  Global assistance is one of the many assets International medical companies provide.

If you have a unique situation with an employee, independent contractor or third country national, feel free to contact me anytime.  I’m happy to assist with your international medical, group or individual needs.

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