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healthnet medicare supplement californiaHealth Net Medicare Supplement plans and rates in Los Angeles County are typically very competitive in and around the Southern California area.

If you are new to Medicare, switching companies mid-year or during your “Birthday Rule” month, please take a quick look at the Health Net rates during your comparison with other companies.

Health Net offers both Medicare Supplement plans along with Medicare Advantage plans for anyone on Medicare living in California.  They are also Health Insurance providers for Individual and Families, Small and Large Group Employers.

Health Net’s most popular Medicare Supplement plans are Plans F and G.  Health Net at this time does not offer a Plan N.

The only difference between Plan F and G is; Plan G has an annual deductible of $183, while Plan F does not have any deductibles, copays or percentages the member needs to be concerned about.

Dental & Vision …

When enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan you also have two available Dental and Vision optional packages which can be enrolled in.  Package #1 is $27 per month while Package #2 is $41 per month.

3 Parts …

When you choose a Health Net Medicare Supplement plan for yourself, there will be three parts to your health care:

  1. First you have Medicare Parts A and B.  You cannot enroll in any Medicare plan or prescription plan without both in force.
  2. The second part is your Health Net Medicare Supplement which works secondary to Medicare.  The Medicare Supplement pays for the costs which Medicare doesn’t.  For example; deductibles, daily costs, the Medicare Part B 20% other unexpected costs.
  3. The third part is if you choose a Medicare Part D Rx plan to help pay for your prescription costs.  Medicare Supplement plans do not include the Medicare prescription coverage or plan.  This is a stand-along policy which must also be enrolled in.

Remember, most likely your Medicare Supplement company will be different than your Medicare Part D Rx plan.  Most people will Mix-N-Match their plans.  If you need a little, or a lot of guidance please call or email, I’ll be happy to help.

Medicare B Start Date …

It’s always a good idea to call Social Security to make sure your Medicare Part B is going to start when you want it to.  The Medicare phone number is: 800-772-1213.  Usually the first of the month when you turn 65.

You can also delay the Medicare Part B start date if you or your spouse currently have an employer plan and wish to continue with the group plan after you turn 65.  Once both Medicare A and B have a start date, then you can enroll in any Medicare plans available to you depending on where you live in California.

Enjoy the Health Net experience.  Easy to communicate with, steady premiums, ideal customer services and a company with a long 27 year track record of experience and dedication help bring quality medical and supplemental dental, vision, life and disability insurance to over 7 million people across the country.

The Health Net mission is to help people be healthy, secure and comfortable.

Medicare does not provide coverage outside the U.S. Click here! 

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