Health Net Medicare Supplement Plan F

A Health Net Medicare Supplement plan F & G ... Pay your Medicare Part B 20% coinsurance, and allows you to keep all of your Medicare benefits and your Medicare card, and pays both Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles.

Health Net Medicare Supplement Rates

$20 Per Month Discount

If you are new to Medicare, Health Net will provide a $20 per month premium discount for the first year of your policy.

Health Net “Innovative Plan F” Includes Vision & Hearing:

  • Routine Hearing Exam – One Hearing Exam every 12 months
  • Hearing Aid(s) – includes fitting evaluation. $1000 benefit maximum for two hearing aids (one pair) or $500 for one hearing aid
  • Routine Eye Exam – One Vision Exam every 12 months
  • Eyewear – Up to $250 allowance for frame and lens package once every 24 months or contact lens once every 12 months.
  • Health Net considers Innovative Plan F an “equal benefit” plan compared to Plan F and therefore available for your clients to upgrade from their Plan F to our Innovative Plan F during California’s “Birthday Rule” Guarantee Issue Period
  • New to Part B monthly premium discount has been increased to $20. This is for members who enroll into any Health Net Medicare Supplement plan within 6 months of their Part B effective date qualify for the discount for the first 12 months of enrollment.

BIRTHDAY RULE  –  Switch to a Health Net plan during your birthday month … guaranteed.  If you are a current medicare supplement member with another company you can switch to one of the Health Net plans regardless of your current health status.  Move to a plan with the same benefits or to one with a lower level of coverage.


The Popular Plans – G, F, N

Health Net does not offer a Plan N, but their Plans F and N are very competitive through out California, regardless of your County of residence.

  • Plan F = 100% coverage.
  • Plan G = $185 deductible, then 100% coverage.
  • Plan N = $185 deductible, then $20 copay for outpatient visits.
  • All three provide 100% coverage for Inpatient Hospital services.
  • New Health Net Medicare Supplement members enrolling in a Medicare Supplement for the first time will have a 6-month rate guarantee.
  • Under-Age 65 Medicare members on Disability will see very competitive rates for their age class.

Silver & Fit Program … This health program offers two choices, a Facility membership at participating health facilities or a selection of two of our many home-based fitness and health programs, for those choosing not to go to health clubs.

Easy Approval … If you are not in a “guaranteed-issue” situation enrolling is quite simple.

  • No 6-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions.
  • Unisex rates.
  • No difference between smoker and non-smoker.
  • No restrictions on height and weight.
  • Only 7 Medical Questions.

 Dental – Vision – Hearing: Optional Plans:

Optional Package #1 ($29) … Standard PPO Dental and Vision plan with a monthly premium of; $29.  Includes PPO Dental and Vision plans offered through Health Net.

Optional Package #2 … Enhanced PPO Dental and Vision plan with a monthly premium of $43.  Includes Health Net Dental “Max Advantage” PPO Dental and Vision.

Remember, you can apply to a Health Net Medicare Supplement plan anytime throughout the year.  You don’t have to wait for January.  If you would like to enroll now or have questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

Medicare Part D Rx Plans:

I can help you compare the and choose the best Medicare Part D Rx plan for your medication list.  Out of the 25 available Part D plans in your county, there is a wide range of plan, some may work well with your medications, while others may not.  I do not sell the Part D plans, but I can help you find the best from year to year.

Travel Insurance – Medicare provides no coverage outside the U.S.

Enroll Year Around

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