Gerber Medicare Supplement Plan F in Florida

gerber_lifeA Gerber Medicare Supplement plan F in Florida will cover virtually all of your Medicare eligible medical costs.  Except your Part D prescriptions which are a separate insurance policy all together.

Plan F pays for your Medicare Part A hospital deductible of $1,316 per benefit period (up to six deductibles per year).  Also your Medicare Supplement plan F will pay your Medicare Part B annual deductible of $183 for all of your outpatient services.  The Skilled Nursing Facility Care coinsurance is also covered with a Plan F.

Florida Gerber Medicare Supplement Rates

Gerber Medicare Supplement plans are offered in most states although they are most comprehensive in Florida. Plans A, F and G are available in most states, along with plan C in a few states.  F is the most comprehensive of the available Medicare Supplement plans offered by Gerber.  Deductibles, coinsurance and other out of pocket costs are covered by your Medigap F plan.

Having a comprehensive benefit plan like plan F allows you to budget and plan for other expenses throughout the year.  You are not surprised with a large medical bill as you may be with other Medicare Supplement plans.  The only out of pocket expenses you will see are the monthly premiums, which you can budget for.

Doctor Freedom of choice

  • Any doctor, specialist or hospital that is Medicare-Approved.
  • Receive care or treatment anywhere in the U.S.
  • The plan that provides the benefits you need.
  • Leave the paperwork to the doctor and us.

guaranteed renewable

It cannot be canceled.  It will be renewed as long as the premiums are paid on time.  Your Gerber Medicare Supplement benefits will automatically increase as Medicare deductibles and coinsurance increase.  Benefits are not paid for any expense paid by Medicare.  You will have 31 days from your renewal date to pay your premium.  Your policy will stay in force during this 31 day grace period.  You cannot be singled out for a rate increase, no matter how many times you receive benefits.  Your coverage begins immediately.  There are no waiting periods for preexisting conditions.  Benefits will be paid from the time your policy is in force.

Premium payment options

  1. Option A: Pay all premiums (1st and monthly payment) by Electronic Funds Transfer, which is an automatic Bank or Checking account deduction.
  2. Option B: Pay the first month by check and monthly payments by Bank account deduction.
  3. Option C: Pay the first month by Bank account deduction, then pay by check.  Paying by check (quarterly, semiannual or annual only).
  • Gerber Rates in Florida  –  View Here 

Enrolling is Easy

Simply contact me for the application in the state you live in.  When finished you can fax, email or mail the completed application back to me for processing.  I will make sure the process is quick and accurate, with your desired effective date. The process usually takes a couple weeks for approval.  Once approved a Gerber Medicare Supplement policy along with your new ID card will be mailed to your preferred address (residence or mailing address).

Please feel free to reach out to me by phone (916) 682-1117 or email me at “” or simply complete the brief information request form below.

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