Gerber Medicare Supplement in Florida

Gerber Medicare Supplement Plans & Rates
Gerber Medicare Supplement Plans & Rates

Gerber Medicare Supplement plans in Florida are some of the most widely purchased Medicare plans.

Gerber Medicare Supplement plans in Florida have consistently been been some of the most popular for Florida residents looking and comparing medigap plans for their medical needs.  Both over age 65 and under who are on Medicare.

Are you looking for 100% coverage?  Then a Gerber Medicare Supplement Plan F is the one for you.  Virtually 100% coverage … no copays or deductibles.

When you enroll in a Gerber Medicare Supplement plan there will be 3 parts to your Medicare package.  1) Original Medicare, you will need to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A (Hospital) & B (Outpatient).  2) The Medicare supplement plan, which will pay for what Medicare doesn’t.  3)  Medicare Part D Rx plan to help pay for your prescription costs.

Most counties have 25 – 30 plans available, each plan covering prescriptions differently.  It’s best to use the Medicare website to compare the different plans.  Call me and I can help you with this process, to make sure you have the right Part D plan for your current medications.

What Does a Medicare Supplement Plan F Cover?

  • Part A deductible ($1,316 every benefit period).
  • Part B deductible ($183)
  • 20% after the Part B deductible (outpatient services).
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (20%).
  • Part B Excess Charges (the 15% extra charges from doctors who do not accept Medicare’s fee schedule).
  • At Home Recovery.
  • Preventive Care.

When choosing a plan, be sure to understand the differences between plans, what is covered and what is not.  You can always call anytime with your questions.

A Gerber Medicare Supplement Plan in Florida is going to be the same for any other company providing Medicare Supplement plans.  The benefits are the same regardless of company.  In other words Gerber’s Plan F benefits will be the same as Blue Cross, or Mutual of Omaha.  The rates will be different but the benefits are identical.

You can switch Medicare Supplement companies anytime of the year. Why wait, when you can lower your current premium today!  All you need to do is complete the enrollment forms, I’ll do the rest.  Call today, I can help you get started.

If you are turning 65 soon and have Medicare A and B, be sure to include Gerber Medicare Supplement plans while comparing.  Also, if you are under age 65 and have Medicare because of a disability, depending on the State you reside, rates vary greatly, so please compare different companies before you make your final decision.

Call today, and I’ll answer all of your questions right over the phone.

John Conner

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