Defense Contractor International Long Term Health Insurance

Defense contractors with employees, independent contractors and Third Country Nationals typically have work assignments scattered around the world.  Short-Term and Long-Term International Medical plans are a much needed resource while they are working, training and living abroad.

Global Medical for U.S. Defense Contractors

  • Comprehensive Worldwide Medical Coverage.
  • Hot Zone and High Risk areas.
  • 24/7/365 Multiple language concierge member services.
  • Emergency Evacuation services included.
  • Hospital, Outpatient, Rx, Physical Therapy, Lab, X-ray, Surgery etc.
  • Global network of English speaking Doctors and hospitals.
  • Accident and Illness coverage.
  • Defense Base Act coverage benefits and limits.
  • War, Terrorism and Political risk coverage.

If you typically face significant and diverse hazards while abroad, you may have unique concerns when it comes to accessing care quickly or providers who can properly care for your injury or illness. Quality International health insurance carriers help you through any of these difficult situation.  Either with 24/7 concierge service to answer questions, help you find local doctors or hospitals, or arrange an emergency air evacuation.  Your Global Medical company is a trusted friend when working and traveling anywhere worldwide.


Regardless of your occupation or service industry, we’ve got you covered wherever you are in the world. Global aerospace, defense industry, construction, tech, oil & gas, aviation, education or humanitarian relief, and so much more.

An Employee who agrees to a foreign work assignment will often be enrolled in a long-term “individual” expat plan.  If a multinational company has 5 or more employees working and living abroad, a “group” plan may fit your needs.

Remember … the domestic employer health insurance policy does not provide comprehensive medical benefits outside their home country.

For example; An employee takes a couple monthly prescriptions and likes to take advantage of yearly preventive screenings and exams, also need physical therapy on a sore shoulder or knee.  These services would not be provided with the U.S. employer health plan.  Another example is; the employee is very active and enjoys recreational sports and outdoor activities and wants to be able to see a doctor and have it paid for, if they happen to twist their knee hiking, have a minor biking accident or any other non emergency event.  Also not provided with the employer plan.

Mobile App …

Communicate with Confidence As a member, your computer or mobile device becomes a powerful translation tool. Our database consists of over 5,000 commonly used medical terms and 4,000 medical health phrases in dozens of languages.

It’s easy to find the term or phrase you need, and once you do, audio files allow you to play a precise translation in the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Translate brand names or find generic, and get accurate dosing information in the world’s top destinations. Equivalency Guides cover the most commonly used and prescribed medicines. If you can’t find the medication you need, our Global Health and Safety team can help.

So don’t think of it as just one more thing to carry with you, but something to carry you past medical misunderstandings. Make sure your company provides the best tools available to navigate the complexities of healthcare and arrive at the best decisions for personal care.

REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT … Search the international provider community and request an appointment directly from the app. Coordinate the appointment with the specific doctor you requested, or find the most convenient and appropriate doctor for your situation.

FIND DOCTORS & SPECIALISTS … Quickly locate the right doctor, dentist, mental health professional, hospital or clinic using GPS or an entered location when planning for a trip. See providers mapped and get directions.

FIND YOUR MEDICATIONS … Use the proprietary drug equivalency guide to learn whether your medications are available and what they are called all over the world. Then find a pharmacy nearby.

TRANSLATE MEDICAL PHRASES AND TERMS … Your doctor may speak English, but the hospital staff, taxi driver or hotel concierge may not. Use translation tools to find and translate key medical phrases and terms. It even lets you play them for other to hear.

FAX YOUR ID CARD … Your GeoBlue member ID card is built into the app, and you can fax it directly to providers to confirm eligibility.

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