California Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

Maybe you have heard of the California Medicare Supplement “Birthday-Rule” or maybe you haven’t. In any case, I believe this is one of the greatest Medicare Supplement rules for the Medicare members living in California.

This rule allows anyone who has a Medicare Supplement (not a Medicare Advantage) plan in force, to switch companies each year on the month of their birthday to any company with the same plan or one with less benefits.

Think of the Birthday-Rule as your own annual “open-enrollment” period to choose a new Medicare Supplement plan and company.

The true benefit of the “Birthday-Rule” is if a person is dealing with current, or pre-existing medical conditions where a Medicare Supplement company can deny the enrollment of an applicant, this allows you to move to another company guaranteed.  You don’t even have to answer any health or prescription questions on the enrollment form.  So, now there is no excuse to stay with a company who doesn’t treat you well, or one who’s rates have become noncompetitive.

Step 1 … The month before your birthday compare the different rates in your area, or contact me and I can tell you what the different companies offer.

Step 2 … Once you have narrowed down your search, make sure the company is financially sound and provides good customer service.  I can give you a ‘heads up” on these, or talk to friends and relatives who they have.

Step 3 … Enroll in your company of choice.  I can email or mail you the enrollment form, remember you don’t have to answer any of the health questions, and fax or scan & email it back to me with proof you currently have a Medicare Supplement plan in place.  I’ll do the rest to make sure the enrollment process is quick and easy, with the effective date you are requesting.

Birthday Rule – California & Oregon Only … The “Birthday-Rule is only available in California.  The only other state which offers any type of open-enrollments for Medicare Supplement members is Missouri, which allows their Medicare Supplement members to switch companies during their “Aniversary-Date” month.  Californian’s need to take advantage of this great option and exercise their rights to switch companies.  I speak to far too many seniors who have never heard of the Birthday-Rule or how it can benefit them.

If you live in California or are moving to California and have a Medicare Supplement plan in place, I would advise you to at least look into your options a month or two before your next birthday.  you may be surprised how much you can save by simply moving to a different company who offers the same plan.


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