Anthem Medicare Supplement Plans F and G in California

2018 Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement plans are some of the most competitive and well respected in California.  Anthem is now offering Silver Sneakers fitness program at no additional cost with all of their Medicare Supplement plans.

Anthem Medicare Supplement Rates

With a Medicare Supplement policy from Anthem Blue Cross you’re free to go to any doctor, specialist or hospital in the U.S. that is Medicare-approved, without having to worry about referrals.  You are free to rely on coverage for deductibles and coinsurance that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.  And enjoy the security of knowing your benefits won’t change, even if your health needs do.

With more than 70 years of experience, you are free to enjoy the reliability, reputation and service that only Anthem Blue Cross can offer in California.

Go with the best, choose a Medicare Supplement

  • Access to any doctor and hospital across the U.S. who accepts Medicare.
  • Plans typically do not change from year to year.  Medicare HMO plans on the other hand change benefits, Rx coverage and doctor networks each year.
  • Want a health plan that will cover deductibles and coinsurance not covered by Original Medicare.
  • No paperwork or claims to fuss with.

Keep your own doctors and hospitals, choose your own specialists and other health care providers.  As long as they are Medicare approved, you are allowed access to them.  Remember, no claims to fuss with – your doctor and Medicare Supplement plan take care of it for you.

In California, if you are a current Medicare Supplement member (with any company) you are able to switch companies on the month of your birthday every year to a company of your choice – Guaranteed, and no health questions asked.

So regardless of your current health status you can switch to a company with the same Medicare Supplement plan or one with less benefits.  This is a great benefit to take advantage of so you aren’t stuck with the same company who’s premium becomes noncompetitive.  This Birthday rule is unique to California residents only.  Please call if you have any questions.

Medicare Supplement Rates

Advantages of a Medicare Supplement plan

  1. You keep Original Medicare as your primary health insurance.
  2. A Medicare Supplement will cover the Medicare Part A and B deductibles and coinsurance which Original Medicare does not pay for (depending on the Medigap plan you choose).
  3. Free to see any doctor or hospital in America who is Medicare approved.
  4. Your coverage stays the same year after year.
  5. If you move to another area or a different state your policy can go with you.

If you are looking for a plan with the most comprehensive benefits, a Medicare Supplement is the plan for you.

Costs Medicare does NOT cover:

  • Medicare Part A and B Deductibles
  • Coinsurance and co-payments
  • Dental care
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Custodial care
  • Acupuncture
  • Hearing aids
  • Routine eye and most glasses
  • Non-skilled care in nursing homes
  • Most outpatient prescription drugs

Enrolling is Easy

Call or email for the correct enrollment form.  When completed simply fax or email the application back to me for processing.  I’ll do the rest to make sure your application is issued promptly and accurately with the effective date you request.  Look into the many Guaranteed-Issue rules, which you may fall into (View Here).

Medicare Part D Rx

You will also need to enroll in a Medicare Part D Rx plan for your prescription coverage.  The best place to start is right here!  You can email your medication list to me with the name of the drug, dosage and frequency.

I will enter the information into the Medicare website, and email the results to you.  The results will show the top 3 plans in your county, which provides the best coverage for the lowest cost for your prescriptions.  Please call anytime I am happy to help.

Big Savings with Anthem Dental

When seeing an Anthem in-network dentist you will enjoy a 25% to 40% savings right off the top, because of the contracted rates.  These savings are also available during waiting periods, when you’ve gone over your yearly limit or when you’ve used up your benefits.

Your dental costs will also be reduced even more with the plan insurance coverage.  Along with over 87,000 contracted dental offices nationwide.

Dental Plans

Please contact me anytime with questions or more information.

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