Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement 2017

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement plans are often times a continuation of an employer or family health insurance policy we have grown up with here in California and in twelve other states.

It’s quite common for a person to have an Anthem health insurance policy and when Medicare starts, move right into an Anthem Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

The price is right, plus with the unbeatable benefits combined with the ability to see any doctor or hospital in the U.S. who accepts Medicare.  There is really nothing better when it comes to Medicare coverage.

$240 Savings … Anthem Medicare Supplement policies in California is offering a $20 per month discount to anyone who is new to Medicare.  The discount last for the first twelve months you are on the Anthem Medicare Supplement policy.

Use the $20 monthly savings to help pay for your Medicare Part D Rx plan and copays for your medications.  Most counties have close to 20 Medicare Part D Rx plans to offer.  Feel free to contact me and I’ll help you find the right Rx plan for your medications.

Compare Medicare Supplement Rates and Plans

Anthem’s Plan F & N.

Anthem offers both Plan F and Plan N, which are two of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans across different companies.  All companies must offer Plan F, but not N.  So not all companies offer Plan N.

A couple things to remember about Plan N.  You have an annual “outpatient” deductible of $183, after you will have a $20 copay whenever you see a doctor, specialist or lab.  Hospital is still covered at 100% except if you are admitted for observation instead of

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement “2017” Rates  –  click here to view 

You can transfer to one of these Anthem Medicare Supplement plans at anytime of the year.

Please feel free to call or email anytime for more information.  I can also help you transfer to one of the new Medigap plans.

Feel free to call anytime with questions.

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