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Northern California born and raised. I grew up in the bay area and now live in Sacramento CA with my wife and three kids.

I’ve been an independent medical insurance agent since 1995, helping individuals, families and employers with all aspects both domestic and international medical insurance.

Independence allows me freedom to choose only the companies I believe to be the most customer friendly, benefit rich and rate stable. If a company is not up to my standards you won’t see their information on this site.

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Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to call anytime with questions.

John Conner
Medicare .. Group Health .. International Medical
10425 Saddle Creek Dr
Sacramento Ca 95829
916-682-1117 – phone
916-258-0296 – fax


6 thoughts on “John Conner”

  1. Hi Wayne, thanks for the inquiry. Are you on the Calpers employer plan now, or are you on a Medicare Advantage HMO? Your wife will have an open-enrollment when she turns 65 and will be able to enroll in any Medicare plan of her choice.

    Thanks … John Conner

  2. I am 65 and am covered by UHC Medicare Advantage Plan through 2017. My wife is currently 64 and covered by UHC HMO through my former employer, CALPERS. When my wife turns 65 next year, I want to change her to a MA HMO because she does not have medical problem. I will be only half way through 2017 when this happens, can I change out of CALPERS with my wife and get a new plan or must I stay in CALPERS. I have lower back problems which causes me to see the doctors a lot for epidurals in out patient status.

  3. John,
    Thank you for getting back yo me.
    I have been on social security disability and medicare since 2005.
    I live in New Jersey.
    As far as guarantee enrollment into a Med Supp, I was unaware of that so I’m not sure.
    Thank you for your help.


  4. Hi Craig, when did you Medicare coverage start? Are you currently offered a guarantee enrollment into a Med Supp? Also, what State do you live in, because not all states provide under-age 65 Medicare Supplement policies.

    Thanks John

  5. I just stumbled across your site and was hoping you could help.
    I am 52 and totally disabled receiving social security disability. I have Medicare but was looking for supplementary coverage for the 20% not covered by Medicare.
    I have to have a hip replacement and was hoping to get covered.
    Thank you for any help.

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