Blue Shield of California Health Plans 2017

2017 Blue Shield Health Plans.  Review, compare and make changes during the open enrollment.  Please call if you have questions or need assistance.

The 2017 Blue Shield of California Covered California Health Insurance plans will be available for viewing during the upcoming open enrollment period and will be available for Individuals, Families and Children.  Call me today for the appropriate enrollment options. 

Enroll in a Blue Shield plan “On or Off” of the Covered California Exchange .. Enrolling Inside the Covered California Exchange is typically for the person or family who qualifies for a subsidy due to their income (see the chart below).  Individuals and families who do not qualify for a state subsidy, will usually enroll outside of Covered California (the plans are the same) although the application process is much quicker because you don’t have to state your income totals.

Find a Plan Design you can Afford … From the basic to the fully loaded, Blue Shield offers plans designed to fit your varying budgets and needs.  All of our plan options are compliant with the Affordable Care Act, and align with the four “metal” levels of coverage established by the law.  Ultimate (Platinum), Preferred (Gold), Enhanced (Silver) and Basic (Bronze).

Blue Shield also offers Get Covered (Catastrophic) plan.  Each plan varies according to price and amount of coverage, allowing you to find the premium, copay and deductible combination that’s right for your unique situation.

Plus, all of our plans provide coverage for all the essential health benefits:  Ambulatory patient services, Emergency services, Hospitalization, Maternity and new born care, Mental health and Substance abuse, Prescription drugs, Lab and X-Ray, Preventive care, Pediatric services including dental and vision care.

Help Paying for Coverage … Under the Affordable Care Act, eligible individuals and families can qualify for financial assistance to help with monthly rates and out-of-pocket healthcare expenses to ensure that everyone has easier access to quality healthcare coverage that’s affordable for them.  Covered California offers financial assistance depending on your income and family size (see the chart above).

Ultimate Plan (Platinum Level).  Blue Shield’s Ultimate plan offers you the lowest out-of-pocket costs for medical services.  There are no deductibles, so we start paying for covered benefits right from the start.  By paying higher monthly premiums, you’ll usually pay less when accessing care for medical services such as doctor visits, prescription drugs and hospitalization.

Preferred Plan (Gold Level).  Our Preferred plan offers good coverage with manageable out of pocket costs, so it’s easier to predict additional expenses.  There are no deductibles, so Blue Shield starts paying for all covered benefits immediately, including popular benefits such as doctor visits, prescriptions and urgent care.

Enhanced Plan (Silver Level).  The Enhanced plan offers a good balance between you premium and your out of pocket costs.  You’ll receive benefits like doctor visits and generic drugs prior to meeting the annual deductible.  Other covered medical services, such as hospitalization, are covered after you meet the annual medical deductible.

Basic Plan (Bronze Level).  The Basic plan is designed for people who want affordable coverage with low monthly rates in exchange for a higher deductible for protection in the event of a serious medical emergency.  Benefits like preventive care and three doctor visits are available for a fixed copayment before meeting the deductible.

Basic for HSA Plan (Bronze Level).  If you are looking for a plan with lower monthly rates and a way to better manage your healthcare coverage spending, look to the Blue Shield Basic Plan for high deductible health plans that are Health Savings Account eligible.  With an HSA, you can prepare for future medical costs by contributing pre-tax money to your own healthcare related expenses.  And preventive care is received before the deductible.

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